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Best Holotactics Team Units In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

With the best teams, you can defeat any enemy unit effortlessly in Star Wars Jedi Survivor Holo Tactics.

The Holotactics auto battler minigame allows players to battle 8 different opponents in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. In this minigame match, you need to select your team units and make them fight against your enemy’s team. Upon winning a match, you can get various rewards like Priorite Shard, Jedi Scroll, etc. However, the units you select are not free as you need to spend Battle Points to recruit them. In such conditions, the team you select should be capable enough to take and cause great damage to the enemy. With that being said, here are our Best Teams to win the Holotactics battle against all 7 enemies in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.’

Once you have helped Bhima and Tulli in the Odd Pair Rumor quest, you get access to Holo Tactics. There are 8 different enemies with whom you can Holo-battle which include – Turgle, Greez, Tulakt, Merrin, Caij, Skoova, T-1N8, and Tulli. While the first 3 are unlocked by default, you need to complete certain tasks to unlock the remaining one. So, check out our guide on How to Access & Unlock Holo Tactics in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. With that out of the way, here are the teams to have.

Best Team for Holotactics Matches in Jedi Survivor

Best Holotactics Team Units Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Credits – WoW Quests

Here are the best team units to battle against all of the 8 Holotactics opponents in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Best Holotactics Team vs Turgle

  • Wave 1 – Heavy Assault Trooper
  • Wave 2 – Bilemaw
  • Reward – Priorite Shard

Beating Turgle is not a difficult task to do. Hence, you can beat him with most of the units present on the selection screen. However, to get the job done quickly, the above-mentioned unit is ideal.

Best Holotactics Team vs Greez

  • Wave 1 – 2x Heavy Assault Trooper
  • Wave 2 – 3x Scout Trooper & 2x Heavy Assault Trooper
  • Wave 3 – Bilemaw, Heavy Assault Trooper & Scout Trooper
  • Reward – Jacket

In Wave 2, you need to keep the Heavy Assault Troopers behind and the Scout Troopers in the front. While the former will deal immense damage to the opponents from range, the latter will do a great job of distracting them onboard. Keep in mind that the ranged unit should always be the rear.

Best Holotactics Team vs Tulakt

  • Wave 1 – Droideka
  • Wave 2 – Droideka & Heavy Assault Trooper
  • Wave 3 – Droideka & 4x Scout Trooper
  • Reward – Material

Droideka’s heavy ranged attacks are a great way of eliminating melee enemies off the board. Moreover, with some extra help from other troopers, you can defeat the opponent with the bare minimum effort. So, all of them together make the best team for winning a Holotactics match against Tulakt in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Best Holotactics Team vs Merrin

  • Wave 1 – Droideka & Bilemaw
  • Wave 2 – Droideka & Bilemaw
  • Wave 3 – Skriton & 2x Rocket Launcher Trooper
  • Reward – Jedi Scroll

Droidek and Bilemaw are the best combinations of ranged and melee units. So, you won’t face much difficulty while defeating Merrin in the first 2 waves. Further, with Skriton & Rocket Launcher Troopers in action, you can easily best any Holo Tactics opponent in Jedi Survivor.

Best Holotactics Team vs Caij

  • Wave 1 – 2x Purge Trooper Commander
  • Wave 2 – Bilemaw & Purge Trooper Commander
  • Wave 3 – Bilemaw, Purge Trooper Commander, Electrostaff Purge Trooper, and Stormtrooper Commander.
  • Reward – Bounty Chip

Having a team of heavy melee tank units against Caij’s multiple ranged units is a great strategy. Also, when all of the above-mentioned units are in action, Caij will face her worst nightmare. This team is your best option to beat Caij in Star Wars Jedi Survivor Holotactics battle.

Best Holotactics Team vs Skoova

Best Holotactics Team Units Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Credits – FP Good Game
  • Wave 1 – 2x Rawka & Raider Veteran
  • Wave 2 – 2x Rawka, B1 Droid, and B2 Droid
  • Wave 3 – B1 Droid & 2x Bedlam Smasher or 1 AT-ST
  • Wave 4 – 2x Rawka, 2x Purge Trooper Commander, and a Shield Trooper
  • Reward – Mustache and Patch

The iconic Rawka melee unit is going to be a big help against the toughest Skoova. You might have to face Skoova multiple times so be prepared for a challenging opponent. In Wave 3, you can either go for Droid & Bedlam Smasher or 1 AT-ST. Both should work and defeat Skoova for good.

Best Holotactics Team vs T-1N8

  • Wave 1 – Bilemaw
  • Wave 2 – Skriton
  • Wave 3 – 2x Droideka, Bilemaw , and 2x Scout Trooper
  • Wave 4 – 2x Droideka and a Scout Trooper
  • Reward – Datadisc

The battle against T-1N8 will mostly involve beasts. So, to give him a tough battle and a taste of his own medicine, this Holotactics team is the best option for you in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Best Holotactics Team vs Tulli

  • Wave 1 – Rawka and Droideka
  • Wave 2 – Droideka, DT Sentry Droide – Hammers & Missiles, Rocket Launcher Trooper, Purge Trooper Commander, and a B1 Droid
  • Wave 3 – 3x Droideka, Bedlam Smasher, and Rocket Launcher Trooper
  • Wave 4 – Rocket Launcher Trooper, 2x Storm Trooper Commander, and 2x Droideka
  • Reward – Skill Point

At last, this Holotactics team is a perfect mix of Ranged and Melee units in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Hence, be mindful while placing them as Melee units should be in front and ranged in the rear.

Now that you have the Best Holotactics Teams in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you can conquer them all. With that out of the way, make sure to check out our Jedi Survivor section for more such content.