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Best Agents in Valorant for Newbies That Are Easy to Play

Valorant Agents for Newbies

Valorant is a cooperative shooter with lots of weapons, skills, and mechanics. It is difficult for beginners to immediately understand the game. If you want to effectively confront enemies, you need to first learn to aim, shoot accurately, use the surrounding in battle and interact with the team, and then start learning skills. Next, we will talk about the best Valorant agent for beginners.



We will start our Valorant guide with this hero. Sage is ideal for beginners because it is easy to use. Most of her skills are focused on defense. This heroine is able to erect impenetrable walls in order to restrain enemies and protect herself and her teammates from their bullets.

In addition, Sage also has healing abilities. This character is able to effectively defend against enemy attacks. Even if you take damage, just restore health and continue to participate in the battle.



Sova is suitable for scouting and rarely takes part in the battle directly. The agent has two useful abilities in its arsenal, which are attacking and reconnaissance arrows. The first deals damage and the second shows the exact location of the enemies.

You will also be able to use the drone to fly around the map and find opponents. However, you can only activate a drone if you stay in a safe place. The last ability of the agent is a deadly arrow that can penetrate walls. Only three shots are available, but they are enough to kill at least one enemy.



You should play Brimstone if you are ready for an aggressive attack. In the arsenal of the agent, there are smoke and incendiary grenades. Use them when the team launches an attack.

The ultimate skill of the hero is the orbital cannon, which provides crushing mass damage. And Brimstone also has a special skill that can increase the speed of movement and shooting of him and his teammates.