5 Best Google Snake Game Mods You Cannot Miss 2024

Check out the best mods that players can use in Google Snake Game to bring out more from it.

The 5 best mods in Google Snake Game are something that players simply cannot miss as they elevate the gameplay to a different level. Google Snake is one of those game that comes to mind when I simply want to play something without actually giving much attention to it. Although the game is amazing, it is nothing compared to snake game we are accustomed to on the old Nokia mobiles. While it is a very basic game, the features that these mods provide will let you enjoy the experience even further. If you are new to modding a browser game, you can check out how to mod these top ones right here.

Do Note that due to Google Updates, these Mods might stop working anytime soon.

Best Google Snake Game Mods to Use

Top Mods for Google Snake Game

Here are the top 5 Google Snake Game Mods that players can use:

Google Snake Mouse Mods

The Mouse Mod allows you to get rid of the keyboard and also the linear movement style of the Snake. Hence, you won’t be confined to the grid anymore and can move in any direction that you wish. Now the game is a simple snake game and you can easily go around in any shape and size.

Google Snake Menu Mods

This is probably the best Mod in Google Snake Game. It brings up a custom menu where you can change numerous things like the map or background color, change the characters, & more. You can even alter the speed and character motions with this mod and there are a lot more things for you to explore.

Dark Mode Mods

Dark Mode is something that most of us use in our daily lives. I cannot even imagine using the light mode in most of applications. Luckily the Dark Mode mod is useful to use the Dark Mode in the Google Snake Game. If you are one such as me who loves the darkness, you should go for this mod.

Change Board Size Mods

This mod will allow players to alter the size of the board to stop worrying about the Walls. Although the walls are not much of an issue since a while, it functions quite well and if you still want to the walls to come in play, we recommend you use this one.

Google Snake Timekeeper Mods

Since the game does not keep any records of your highest scores and best times, this mod will be quite useful. You can now save up all these details to challenge a friend or hold on to your PRs.

How to Use Mods in Google Snake Game

The best way to Mod is to download the Google Snake Mod Loader and install it on your PC. However, not all mods will work using this method. Apart from the Mod Loader here’s what you can do to mod in Google Snake Game:

  • First launch Chrome on your PC and then press Ctrl + Shift + O.
  • This will open the bookmark manager and now you have to click on the three dots on the top right to open another drop down menu.
  • While you are here, click on Import Bookmarks and then select the .HTML file that you downloaded.
  • Now once you launch Snake Game on your PC, click on the Settings icon and then click the three dots on the top right to once again open the bookmark menu.
  • You can now add the mod from here and enjoy it. Do note that using the Mod Loader is more useful as all mods won’t work this way.

That’s all we have on the Google Snake Game Mods. While you are here, check out our other Guides right here at Gamer Tweak.