What Are The Best Gen 3 Pokemon In Pokemon Go

Prasad More
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Pokemon Go took over the world when it released and ever since it has been one of the most played games on the mobile platform. When Pokemon Go was released, we only had Gen 1 Pokemon, but the game really turned things into top gear when Gen 3 Pokemon arrives in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon has been one of the most beloved franchises of all time and this has led to an entire generation of people growing up with them. If you want to know which Gen 3 Pokemon are the best you will need to read the rest of this guide.

The Best Gen 3 Pokemon in Pokemon Go


Milotic is a water-based Pokemon with a high CP, you will need to be near huge reservoirs of water to have a chance to catch it in Pokemon Go. Like other water-based Pokemon, Milotic is strong against, Fire, Ice, Steel, and surprisingly Water-type Pokemon too.

Milotic has moves like Water Gun, Dragon Tail, Hyper Beam, Blizzard a Surf and it uses it to devastating effect. You will need 50 candies to evolve a Feebas into a Milotic


Flygon is a ground-dragon type Pokemon and has earned the nickname “the elemental spirit of the desert” because of its ability to conjure up a sandstorm while flying. A majestic Pokemon in all its right Flygon isn’t just pretty but is good at fights too. Flygon is strong against Electric, Poison, Rock, and Fire-type Pokemon in Pokémon Go.

This gives Flygon the ability to last long in the battle and go head to head against some of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Flygon has moves like Mud Shot, Dragon Tail, Earthquake, Stone Edge, and Dragon Claw. These perfect combination of Rock and Dragon-type moves give Flygon a distinct advantage in battle.

You have three stages of evolution to get to Flygon, if you get your hands on a Trapinch, you will need to feed it 25 Candy and evolve it into VIbrava, after that you will need to feed it another 100 Candy to get to Flygon.


Gardevoir is a psychic fairy type Pokemon and can read the future, this makes this Pokemon a great ally to have in battle. It has the ability to unleash all of its psychokinetic energy if it senses its trainer being in danger.

Gardevoir is great when it comes to battling against Pokemon of Fighting, Psychic, and Dragon-type. Moves like Confusion, Charge Beam, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam, and Psychic are in the arsenal of Gardevior.

There are three stages of evolution if you want to get Gardevior, you will need to get your hands on a Ralts and feed it 25 Candy and after that, you will get Kirlia and feed it another 100 Candy to evolve into a Gardevior.


Sceptile is a grass-type Pokemon and is the final evolution of Treecko, Sceptile’s entire body is a weapon including the leaves which are razor sharp. Sceptile is one of the strongest Pokémon in Pokemon Go.

Sceptile is strong against Pokemon of Electric, Grass, Ground, and Water-type making it versatile in attack and a well rounded Pokemon. Moves like Fury Cutter, Bullet Seed, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, and Leaf Blade make it one hell of a Pokemon to have on your team.

Sceptile has three stages of evolution and you will need to feed 25 Candy to Treecko to evolve it into a Grovyle and from that, you will need another 100 Candy to get to Sceptile.


Blaziken is a Fire and Fighting-type Pokemon that has flames erupting out of it. Blakizen is a fierce Pokemon and in Pokemon Go is one of the strongest and courageous of all.

Blaziken’s dual type makes it strong against Bug, Fire, Grass, Ice, Steel, and Dark-type. Along with this Blaziken has been focused a lot in the anime series as well. Always under the spotlight Blaziken uses moves like Counter, Fire Spin, Stone Edge, Brave Bird and Overheat in Pokemon Go to get a clear advantage.

There are three stages of evolution when it comes to Blaziken, first, you will need to feed 25 Candy to Torchic, and then 100 Candy to Combusken to get Blaziken.


Sampert is immensely powerful Pokemon and boasts a high attack rate in Pokemon Go. Sampert is a Water and Ground-type Pokemon and uses this dual nature to its benefit.

Sampert is powerful against Pokemon that are Fire, Steel, Poison, and Rock-type, this gives Sampert the ability to use its dual nature and be strong against plenty of Pokemon. With moves like Mud Shot, Water Gun, Earthquake, Sludge Wave, and Surf Sampert can turn the tide of the battle on demand.

Sampert has three stages of evolution and it starts with Mudkip, and to evolve it you will need to feed it 50 Candy and evolve it into a Marshtomp and with about 100 more Candy you should get Sampert.


Aggron is a Steel and Rock-type Pokemon which looks straight out a horror movie, a territorial Pokemon, Aggron is known to be quite protective and will fight anyone invading its personal space.

The scales on Aggron provide an additional defense against invading Pokemon and has a high attack and defense rate. Aggron is powerful against a ton of Pokemon belonging to Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, and Rock Pokemon. This pretty much covers all the types, with moves like Dragon Tail, Iron Tail, Stone Edge, Thunder, and Heavy Slam. Aggron dominates each battle.

Like most, there are three stages to Aggron’s evolution and you will need to feed 25 Candy to Aron, and then when it gets to Lairon, it will need about 100 Candy to evolve into an Aggron.


Metagross is a Steel and Psychic-type of Pokemon that boasts of high CP and attack rate. Metagross has a total of 4 brains and this helps it calculate and assess threats faster than any other Pokemon.

Metagross is powerful against Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic Rock, and Steel-type of Pokemon. Metagross is great to have on your team if you can get your hands on one. It uses powerful moves like Bullet Punch, Zen Headbutt, Earthquake, Flash Cannon and Psychic to win its battles and destroy opponents.

Like many other Metagross too has three stages into its evolution, first you have Bedlum and it will take 25 Candy to evolve into a Metang and it will take another 100 Candies to evolve into Metagross.


Salamence is a Dragon and Flying-type Pokemon and one which boasts of a ton of CP and attack in Pokemon Go. Salamence’s story is of sheer perseverance and it is simply magical.

Salamence is a strong Pokemon, especially against Fire, Grass, Water, Bug, Fighting and Ground-type of Pokemon. Salamence also has a lot of moves that it can use to get the upper hand in a battle. Moves like Fire Fang, Dragon Tail, Hydro Pump Fire Blast and Draco Meteor make it unstoppable.

Salamence too has three stages into its evolution, you will need to feed 25 Candies to Bagon to evolve it into a Shelgon and then 100 Candies to evolve it into a Salamence.


Do not judge this Pokemon upon its name or its nature as it simply likes to be left alone and eat all day. Slaking is a Normal-type of Pokemon but has the most CP and Attack in any of the Gen 3 Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Slaking is extremely strong against Ghost-type Pokemon and does not have special advantages over other types of Pokemon and uses attacks like Hyper Beam, Earthquake and Play Rough in battles.

Slaking being one of the toughest Pokemon in Pokemon Go has three stages of evolution starting with Slakoth, and you will need to feed it 25 Candies and it will evolve into a Vigoroth. Feeding it additional 100 Candies will ultimately get you Slaking.

These are the most powerful Gen 3 Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Make sure to check out other guides on Pokemon Go right here at GamerTweak.