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Best Games To Play On Xbox Game Pass 2021

A list of Best Games To Play On Xbox Game Pass right now.

With so many amazing games to choose from, finding the right games can be a needle in a haystack. The game pass gives you access to some of the sickest games out there and we are here to make you try all of em! Now yes, we already know you have already played legendary games like GTA, Witcher, Halo, etc. In this, we have zeroed down some of the top games to play on Xbox Game Pass that might have slipped your attention. This list of Best Games To Play On Xbox Game Pass 2021 features a variety of games from all kinds of the genre to get your gamer mode on.


Best Xbox Game Pass Games from every Genre

Here is a list of the top best 10 Xbox Game Pass games of 2021. A pure weekend killer list.

10. Ark: Survival Evolved (Action-Adventure/Shooter)

ARK Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

Ark is a survival game that needs you to survive some hungry dinosaurs. Not just that, they also come with their other pre-historic friends that will want to devour you. This open-world game is from a third-person perspective. The theme gives you access to some old-school weapons like darts, tranquil, blunt weapons, etc. The players can also form tribes with the other players in-game. All in all, the game will surely have you on your toes for survival.


9. Rush: A DisneyPixar Adventure (Action-Adventure/Family & Kids)


A little something for all our little kids out there that need some family-friendly content, Rush is the one. Anyone from a kid to an adult will want to keep playing because let’s admit it, we all stan a Disney character. The game offers numerous puzzles, challenges, and a chance to live our favorite Disney characters. What else would you need? The game starts with letting you customize a child character and takes you to a Pixar theme park which is divided into six worlds of the Incredibles, Toy Story, Cars, Finding Dory, Up, and Ratatouille.


8. Fe (Platformer)


Fe is an adventure game that takes you on a mesmerizing Nordic forest journey where everything is alive. The players take the role of a fox-like creature and defend the forest from the Silent Ones. The character can sing to different creatures and the flora and the fauna of the forest in different ways. The soundtracks and the hypnotic scenery of the gameplay all come together to create this beautiful game that is easy to get lost in. The developers mention that everything in this world is connected and they wanted to bring that out in the game.


7. Mass Effect (Sci-Fi Shooter)

Mass Effect

Mass Effect series is a third-person shooter set in the year 2148. You take the character of Commander Shepard which is customizable and navigate through galaxies to discover new species. Some are alliances and some turn into enemies. There are 6 character classes to choose from and have branching narratives. The game brings out the concept of betrayal, hope, and determination with every discovery and reveal. Note, this game may be inappropriate for the kids as these contain a fair share of romantic content in the game.

6. Mirror’s Edge (Action-Platformer)

Mirrors Edge

This first-person shooter game is set in a quasi-futuristic city of Glass. You take on the character of Faith Connors who is an independent parkour courier. The game revolves around your character discovering a murder and the victim’s sister being falsely accused. Faith navigates through the city to help the sister and rebels against the government. Momentum is a very important part of the game as the game features various acrobats like jumping on the rooftops, using ziplines to move from buildings to buildings, and fast paces running. The game’s aesthetics are enthralling and the game has a concept called Runner Vision. This feature changes the color of the objects to red as approached to help players navigate through the paths easier.

5. The Evil Within (Survival Horror)

The Evil Within Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

The Evil Within series is a Third-Person Shooter set in a dark nightmarish atmosphere. The smell of fear is evident through the computer screens as the protagonist Sebastian Castellanos, our character walks through the dangerous paths. The game offers visuals that will haunt you for a good amount of time, from morphed faces to disfigured bodies sneaking on you. The game requires the players to use their surroundings for survival. You have access to several weapons and have to keep an out for traps that are consistent throughout the gameplay. The game also features a few side minigames, making it 5th on our Best Games To Play On Xbox Game Pass 2021 list.

4. Forza Horizon 4 (Racing)

Forza Horison 4 Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

This open-world game is a dream for every car junkie out there. The game is simple, just win the race. If you don’t want to participate in it, you can drive through the beautiful roads of a fictional Great Britain. The game has focused a lot on its environment that changes through seasons. Our personal favorite is the winter season. Forza is home to over 700 licensed cars, a paradise for any kind of car lover. The game is simple and fun to play and entertaining in its true form. A special shout out to the in-game music which is pretty dope.

3. Sea of Thieves (Action-Adventure)


Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer first-person video game that gives out the complete pirate experience. It is an open world out in the sea and the players take on the role of a pirate who is set on a journey to become the ultimate pirate legend. Players cooperate with each other in-game to complete quests, attacks, and loots and also form alliances. The game is a beautiful cinematic universe that makes you feel like you are submerged in this world and can almost feel the sea breeze hitting your face. The game is like fresh air and exploration is neverending. Facing the Kraken to finding hidden treasures, feel like Jack Sparrow yet?

2. Superhot: Mind Control Delete (Shooter)

Superhot Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

Superhot is a first-person shooter game that started out as a prototype browser game but made substantial growth in the market. The game is minimalistic with gameplay that just has shades of white black and red that would help you not get distracted. Superhot works on time-bending factors. The player is going to get attacked by bullets and weapons and the time will be in slow motion until the player does not move. Once the player moves, everything will be back in speed. This will allow you to assess the attacks and dodge them. A single bullet will the player and they will have to start the level anew. The game also released a virtual reality version multiplying the experience of this game tremendously. This sure is one of our personal favorites on our Best Games To Play On Xbox Game Pass 2021.

1. Genesis Noir (Action Adventure)

Genesis Noir Best Games To Play On Xbox Gamepass 2021

How far would you go for love? Would you, time, stop energy from killing the mass of the universe? Your character, the No Man does metaphorically do that detective style. This game is a masterpiece in itself and the storyline would make you feel something different on every turn. We ould not give spoilers about if the No Man creates the universe or not, but you really to live this game, not just play. The dark noir atmosphere with missing love interest balances with the process of creating a universe and making the big bang happen. This game is a personal favorite and words cannot describe how well this black and white game can express.

So that’s all on our list of Best Games to Play on Xbox Game Pass 2021. If you are curious about what mystery games to play, check out our list of Best Mystery Games.