Best Games Like World Of Warcraft

Here's a list featuring the best games that are similar to World of Warcraft.

It’s almost two decades since the release of World of Warcraft or WOW and it still has not lost its spark. Being one of the first MMORPGs, World of Warcraft has been an influence on many other games. WOW is also credited for the title of greatest MMORPG by not only the gaming community but also critics. And although it is pretty hard to switch WOW with a different game, there are several games you can try. Here’s our list featuring the best games like World of Warcraft.

Best Games Like World of Warcraft (Similar Alternatives to WoW)

Here’s our list of the best games that are similar to World of Warcraft.

Tera (2012)

Tera is an action and adventure MMORPG by Bluehole Studio. You can choose to play from 7 races and 13 classes to explore the open world of Tera. Its action-based gameplay will leave you awestruck. Although it is not entirely like WOW, its gameplay and aesthetics are quite similar to it.

tera best games like wow

Neverwinter (2013)

If you have played Dungeons & Dragons, you will love this game. You can choose one out of eight characters of the iconic D&D with an extensive storyline. As you proceed in the game, the level of difficulty increases.  It has a great combat system and a fun game to switch from World of Warcraft.

neverwinter best games like wow
Jewel of North Expansion

FFXIV (2013)

Final Fantasy XIV is the second MMORPG by Square Enix. What do I love about FFXIV? Its immersive graphics and mechanics. What do I hate about this game? It’s highly addictive! During its initial release, it received backlash from critics as well as FF players. But their consistent patches and updates improved the game to a much-improved version currently. Just like WOW you can choose races and classes before you begin the game.

FFXIV Endwalker

Guild Wars 2 (2012)

This is a game that has set a unique benchmark for all the MMORPG games by adding a unique feature that is choices. You may have seen single-player games like GTA that offer the players to make a decision. These choices are like a ripple effect in Guild Wars 2 and no matter what you choose the outcome would be pretty the same with differences in characters. GW 2 has beautiful graphics and a thrilling expanding storyline. It was listed as the Top Video game by Times in the year 2012 and received pretty positive responses from the critics as well as the audience.

guild wars 2
End of Dragons Expansion

Destiny 2 (2017)

This will stand at the top of the list for me regardless of its bugs and lags. Destiny 2 is a crazy and fun experience to begin with. It’s a space sci-fi videogame by Bungie. It has interesting mechanics and surreal graphics with an intriguing storyline. You can choose from three classes – Titan, Warlock, and Hunter. Though it is a first-shooter game with some elements of MMORPG, its open-world makes up for it. You are traveling galaxies and planets to complete quests and missions. And its exceptional gameplay adds the cherry on top. Although WOW might be a better MMORPG you can always try Destiny 2 if you are in a dire need to switch.

destiny 2 games like wow

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