10 Best Survival Games Like Rust – Similar Games You Must Try

Check out our list of games similar to Rust in the survival-genre that also feature ruthless combat mechanics.

Although Rust set the grassroots for an immersive survival experience, there are games out there now that capture a similar essence and even improve on it. Whether it is with better graphic details, interactive environments or fantastical elements, these Rust-inspired games definitely make the cut for the most alluring immersive experience in various ways. So let’s break down the 10 Best Games Like Rust that you should try for that thrill of survival.

From hardcore PvP battles, weapon combat, strategizing to introducing building, crafting, looting and elements like hunger in a merciless survivor MMO, Rust became a trailblazer for a structured survival-genre in the industry. And rightfully so, for when it first released in 2013 (early access), Early watchers of the space called it an amalgamation of DayZ, a mod for the PvP heavy military-shooter Arma series, and Minecraft’s collecting and crafting mechanics. Since then the game has evolved and changed drastically, and has been for the most part, a massive success. The game reached a peak of 1.3 million concurrent viewers on Twitch as of January 2021 and has been making it into the top chart ever since. Check out the similar games that can be good alternatives of Rust.

List of 10 Best Games like Rust

This list summarizes alternatives that are either almost identical to Rust’s gameplay with a PvP open-world action or MMORPGs that encapsulate that survival-esque undertone with PvE features.

Mist Survival

Mist Survival Best Games Like Rust

Mist Survival is a sand-box stealth survival game set in a virus-ridden apocalypse. You must find resources, shelter and food supplies to survive in the wasteland. This game features a PvE style action with infected and wild creatures that attack in a misted haze event that happens randomly.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl

Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl

If you want to dwell into an alternate universe ridden with mysterious horrors at the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, this game is for you. S.T.A.L.K.E.R series of games are a first-person survival based action with an actual storyline. There is moderate but crucial role-playing for the experience as you try to infiltrate the Radiation Zone to extract mystery artifacts. Players engage in PvE combat and deal with a hostile environment, all while managing to gather resources and minimize their radiation exposure.


Raft Best Games Like Rust

This multi-player is another great alternative in the survival genre. Players collect resources and build a floating base in the vast stretch of the ocean ridden with hostile sharks. You collect loot from stranded islands and abandoned ships to craft various items needed for survival. All of this while managing your hunger, thirst and health level. If you want a fun survival game to play with your friends, Raft is the one for you.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

Rising Storm series is a team based tactical shooter that involves strategizing, looting, inventory management and PvP combat just like Rust. Set during the Vietnam War, this MMOFPS includes weaponry, artillery, attack airborne vehicles and battle gear with relevance to the time. You can choose to be in either faction of the war and battle with other players.


DayZ Best Games Like Rust

This is an honorary mention as Rust itself is believed to be inspired by this survival MMO set in a zombie apocalypse. One of the earliest of its kind, DayZ was originally a modded extension of the military tactical shooter game Arma-2. You’re supposed to coordinate with other players and scout for resources like sustenance, weapons and healing kits in order to survive the outbreak. The game features PvP as well as PvE combat modes.

The Forest

The Forest

One of the most deserving on this list, The Forest exceeds all expectations with its immersion, open-world exploration and survival in-game mechanics. The premise of the game involves you and your son coming out alive after a plane crash on a deserted island. The island is covered in a vast and dense forest terrain housing unspeakable horrors in it.

The objective of the game is surviving by building a base, scavenging for crafting resources and combating cannibals and other creatures. You can even experience the immersion with friends as the game offers a multiplayer option.

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep Best Games Like Rust

This one is probably on the top of the list for hyper-realistic survival games. The fundamental mechanic of Stranded Deep is surviving Nature in its truest form. You find yourself stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in an open-world generation and have to face the most basic tests of survival. The map is rather extensive and extremely detailed as the game offers a near sandbox experience.

You will face the wilderness as you go hunting for food, water and materials for building a shelter. The game has very realistic mechanics for hunger, thirst, sleep and stamina. If you’re looking for a realistic experience of being stranded in the middle of nowhere, this is the game for you as the exploration simply does not end.

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved

Explore the world of dinosaurs in this open-world multiplayer. You and your ‘tribe-mates’ spawn in this world called Ark stranded with prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs. One of the most fundamental mechanics of this game is taming the dinosaurs for traversing through the world. You can even fly with a few creatures if tamed properly. Scan the map for resources and build shelters and weapons to prepare for the PvE action the game offers.

Green Hell

Green Hell Best Games Like Rust

Another game that makes you face the fundamental tests of survival, this time in the harsh reality of the Amazon rainforest. This immersive journey through the depths of the jungle involves completing objectives and also offers a ton of freedom for open-world exploration. The latest version of Green Hell also added a slight storyline to enhance the immersive experience. You can also play this game with your friends as it has a collaborative mode.



Valheim is a sandbox survival game with a fantastical theme inspired by Norse mythology. This RPG open-world has various different biomes, artifacts, mythical creatures and weapons. The immersion this game offers is exceptional and very visually appealing. With upto 10 players in a world, you can collaborate with friends to build your base, fight bosses and gain exceptional loot for progression in the game. This game primarily only features a PvE style of combat where you fight mobs and bosses in a team. Survival being at the heart of the game, players need to go foraging, mining and hunting for resources and sustenance.

That concludes our list for 10 Best Games Like Rust. If you found this article helpful and want more recommendation on other games check our Features section on GamerTweak.