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5 Best Games Like Phasmophobia

Find some alternatives to Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia is a psychological horror game available on PC and VR. It is a 4 person online co-op multiplayer game. Players have to team up with their friends or random people online to hunt ghosts in Phasmophobia. Tools are given and players need to collect evidence of ghosts.

Phasmophobia is performing well, there’s no doubt about it. Fans are going gaga about entering the haunted house and collecting evidence to halt the growth of paranormal activities. You will either be a great fan of the game or do not like it at all.


You might be looking for alternatives, if you are not a fan, then to play some other similar but better games. And if you are a fan, then you might be looking for alternatives to enjoy similar experiences. Regardless of the reason, you might be hunting for some other options. Hence, we have created this list of 5 best alternative games like Phasmophobia that you can play.

Best Alternative Games to Phasmophobia

Here are some similar games like Phasmophobia which will give you the creeps.


Dead By Daylight

Developed by Behaviour Interactive and published by Starbreeze Studios is an asymmetric survival horror video game. It is a fight between the killers and their prey. At most four players team up to survive the wrath of the killer who has a thirst for souls.


A total of five players can play this game. It is a 4 vs 1 game. One player takes the role of the killer and the other four are the survivors. The survivors need to prevent themselves from being caught by the killer. Survivors have the only option to evade the killer and run away from him as they cannot attack him. They can use in-game items that can be obtained by exploring the game to run from the killer.

dead by daylight

Survivors are locked up and they have to boot up some generators to unlock the exit and save themselves. They have to repair at least 5 out of the 7 generators, which is not possible by solo effort. Hence, teamwork is essential. Once the generators are lit up and the exit gates are open, survivors need to make their way through the gates to win the game.

Pacify (Similar Games like Phasmophobia)


Developed by Shawn Hitchcock and published by SKH Apps, Pacify is a ghost hunt game. You and three of your friends become a part of the paranormal activity helpers. Similar to Phasmophobia, you are sent into a 100-year-old haunted house, where you need to search for and collect evidence. The evidence you collect will help pacify the spirit of a young girl who was killed within the house.

You will get equipment to help you collect the evidence. All you need to do is look for other equipment in the house that can come in handy to collect evidence. It won’t be long before the ghost of the young girl comes hunting for you from beneath. You have to be swift if you don’t want to end up getting caught and killed by the ghost. This is one of the games like Phasmophobia which is truly terrifying.


The girl switches between good and evil. When she turns evil, she will start hunting you and your friends while you try to escape through the narrow corridors of the house. You have to find a way to pacify her and get out of the house.

The Blackout Club

The Blackout Club is developed and published by Question. If you are a fan of the TV series Riverdale, the game is surely going to intrigue you. The storyline is of a group of teenagers who undertakes a task of fighting against the evil adults in their small town.

You will have a condition of sleepwalking. When you wake up in the morning, you will have no idea what just happened. There are a few other teenagers just like you. The Blackout Club is an online co-op game, these teenagers can be your friends or random players.

the blackout club

One of your close friends will go missing, and that’s when the real trouble starts. When you tell the adults of your town about the blackouts, they don’t believe you. Hence, you create The Blackout Club and start collecting evidence to show them and prove your point.

The game will provide you with tools such as drones, noisemakers, and grappling hooks that will help you collect evidence. You need to collect an adequate amount of evidence and show them to the adults so that they come to know what has happened to your town. You need to do this without being caught by the ones who are causing all this.


Developed and published by 10 Chambers Collective, GTFO is a 4 player co-op shooter game. It is a game full of horrifying beasts that comes your way. You and your friends are equipped with guns, and all you can do is shoot the monsters to survive.

If you aren’t able to kill them, they will kill you. Either you and your friends live together or die together. There will be tons of monsters and you will only have limited ammo with you. You will have to develop a defense strategy and work with your team to work according to your plan.


Collect the ammo scattered around and keep on shooting. But remember you need to hit the target so that the ammo is not wasted. Get there between the monsters and kill them to survive.

Handy Harry’s Haunted House Services

best games like phasmophobia

Developed and published by Bismuth Games, Handy Harry’s Haunted House Services is an online multiplayer horror survival game. You can team up with 7 other friends and enter the game. The game turns you into electricians.

You have to explore randomly generated maps to find a broken fuse. You need to find the fuse and fix it before the ghoul lurking in the darkness in the house catches you. If you fix the fuse before getting caught you win the game, otherwise you end up being taken to the afterlife.

We hope that you have found some interesting games like Phasmophobia that will excite you. It is good to try some alternative games if you don’t want to end up being bored of playing the same game again and again. Of course, Phasmophobia has a great gameplay and it can be exciting to play it for hours, but at some point in time, you might want a change.