8 Best Free Horror Games On Steam (2023)

By Nikita
5 Min Read

Steam is one of the best platforms to find games at awesome discounts. Now, if you are a horror buff, then you may be on the hunt for some of the best free Horror games on Steam. Look no further – we have compiled this list of the best single-player and multiplayer games that you can try out and enjoy without spending a buck.

Best Free Horror Games on Steam (Singleplayer & Multiplayer)

Celebrate Halloween all year round with these scary and spooky horror games that you can play for free via Steam (solo or with friends).


unturned horror game steam

Fans of the zombie/survival genre will totally enjoy this offering from Smartly Dressed Games. You play as a survivor who is caught in the zombie-filled society and your mission is to keep it that way. Use stealth to your advantage or go in aggressively to make the lives of the undead difficult. You need to keep foraging wild fruits, veggies while also hunting animals for meat. But only staying in hiding won’t do the trick. You will also have to raid enemy encampments, arrest bandits and basically deal with other players. If all of this sounds interesting to you, make sure to check this game out right away.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt

vampire masquerade bloodhunt free to play

When horror and battle royale themes come together, it can only create something super thrilling. That’s exactly what you get in this free-to-play game that’s set in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe. With the presence of supernatural powers and vampires, you are sure to enjoy this game with your friends.

Project Kat – Paper Lily Prologue

Project Kat - Paper Lily Prologue

Want to complete a quick horror game packed with puzzles? This short and unconventional RPG horror game will turn out to be the perfect package for you. The mystery begins right when a mysterious golden letter gets sent to a certain number of people – what happens next? It’s up to you to explore all the multiple endings. This is the prologue to Paper Lily, the full game, but it can also be enjoyed as a standalone story.

Priest Simulator: Heavy Duty

Priest Simulator: Heavy Duty

Priest Simulator is a sandbox has all the elements of a horror movie in a funny satirical format. You get weird weapons to test out, boss to fight and do all the bad things that a priest won’t do. The full game Priest Simulator is in development at the time of writing and Heavy Duty surely gives you a taste of the full game.



This is one of the best free horror games on Steam and that’s evident by the overwhelmingly positive reviews it’s getting. Helltaker is yet another short game which has demon girls, skeletons and more. The only system requirement for this is 350 MB available space, so even players on low-end PCs or laptops and enjoy this title.

SCP: Secret Laboratory

SCP: Secret Laboratory

If monsters and paranormal entities are your favorite things, then SCP: Secret Laboratory is the game you should try out. It’s a free-to-play multiplayer game that has different roles. Every role will give you a different mission, thrill, experience and danger. This gives SCP SL an awesome replayability factor so gather your friends and have fun.

Dark Fracture: Prologue

Dark Fracture: Prologue

Dark Fracture gives you a psychological horror experience that will blur the lines between reality and an imagination full of nightmares. The environment is perfectly creepy and the story is equally eerie. Disturbing events unfold and Edward, a person who has a hauntingly tragic past, is close to losing his sanity. There’s a sanity meter you need to keep a track of, your decisions impact Edward’s destiny and you face procedurally generated paranormal events. Sounds like the perfect evening for a psychological horror fan.

Doki Doki Literature Club!

Doki Doki Literature Club best free horror games on steam

At face value, Doki Doki Literature Club looks like a cute anime game, but boy oh boy, there’s a horrific twist involved. Note that this game is not for kids, nor is it for those who are disturbed by scary images. Explore the story and be surprised!

These were all my recommendations for the best free horror games to play on Steam. For more Steam-related tips, tricks or more ranking lists, stay with Gamer Tweak!