FIFA 23: Best Formation To Use (Tactics & Instructions)

Here's a guide on the best formation that you can use in FIFA 23.

EA Sports is back with a bang since launching the FIFA 23, a huge upgrade from its predecessor. With the use of HyperMotion 2 Gaming Technology, FIFA has closed the gap between in-game mechanics with real-world football. The upgrades are not just related to graphics but also the AI motion and movement, the upgrades in attacking, skills, dribbling, and defending. While players love the skill moves and the fancy shots, it is the tactics that win you the match. Players who have already played the FUT for years will know that there are few formations that are quite useful. We have mentioned the best formation in FIFA 23 among them. So let’s check out this guide to see the formation and the tactics and instructions you can pair it with.

Best Formation to Use in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Best Tactics Instructions
Image Source: NealGuides – FIFA 23 Tutorials & in-depth Guides (YouTube)

While there are a lot of formations in the game, a few can work to your advantage compared to others. The formation you choose should bring out your passing game and should have a defensive element too. Basically, it should be completely balanced to assist your offense and defense. Since there are a lot of formations, players seem to find it difficult to choose the right ones along with the Tactics and Instructions.

The best formation that we would choose for FIFA 23 is the 4-4-2 formation. It is a well-balanced formation, with a defensive element. But when used with the correct tactics and instructions, it can be deadly as well.

Best Tactics & Instructions with Formation

Now that we have our best formation, we need to see the best tactics and instructions to pair with it. Here are the best tactics & instructions for your formation in FIFA 23:

  • Best Tactics
  • Defence
    • Defensive Style – Press After Possession Loss
    • Width – 50
    • Depth – 60
  • Offence
    • Build Up Play – Balanced
    • Chance Creation – Balanced
    • Width – 40
    • Players in Box – 7
    • Corners – 1
    • Free Kick – 1
  • Best Instructions
    • Striker – Mixed Attack
    • Left Mid / Right Mid – Come Back On Defence
    • CM
      • Player 1 – Stay Back While Attacking for one
      • Player 2 – Balanced Attack
    • Left Back / Right Back – Stay Back While Attacking

Once you get a hang on these, you will be able to play very well with a balanced formation.

That’s all there is on the best formation in FIFA 23. While you are here, make sure you check out our guides on FIFA 23 for more content with Gamer Tweak.