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Top 10 Flash Games Of All Times

Flash games were the introduction that a lot of people had when gaming first came into the foray, flash games were at their absolute peak during the late part of the 1990s and early 2000s.

Some of the best-known games of all time have been made on flash, as it was the only available option for developers at that time. Flash enabled developers to create an identity for themselves.


Lately, they’ve been dominating social media sites, small games that you can load up on your browser, and play to your heart’s content without needing any special hardware configuration. Check out our most favorite flash games that left an imprint in our hearts and something that we can play at any time.

Flash games have been the bomb since the turn of the century and it is about time we looked back on some of our favorite flash games of all times.

Best Flash Games in 2020


1. Doom

This AAA series found its staring place as a flash game, Doom by Id Software was released back in 1993. This was the first-ever FPS game that game players the ability to control movement and direction where you shoot.


Doom’s 9 levels forever changed the future of gaming and this inspired many people to get into the gaming industry to progress where it is right now. It is a leap of generations when you see how much Doom has evolved from this version to Doom Eternal.

2. Age of War

Tower defense games were already introduced but the Age of War is the game that grew in popularity. The idea of cultural evolution brought in more players as it was the defining characteristics that made a tower defense game like Age of War to the upper echelon of flash games.


Age of War lets you start off as cavemen and then evolve from that point to robots, the game engine was perfect for such a game and you can still get into the game right now and experience the same feelings when it was first released.

3. The Worlds Hardest Game

The title isn’t just a marketing gimmick, this literally is the world’s hardest game. You have no idea what you’re getting into but once you jump right in, you’re in for a shock. The concept of the game is really simple, you are the red square and must avoid the blue balls.

This is easier said than done as the level keeps on upping the difficulty level, making this a frustrating yet rewarding experience for anyone who is getting into flash games right now. Even though there isn’t much to say about The Worlds Hardest Game.

4. Line Rider

Well, everything about the game is written in the title itself, all you have to do is draw lines to make sure that your rider doesn’t fall off, but if things were so simple and easy, it wouldn’t be on this list.

Instead what Line Rider does is keep you on your toes as you hurry along to create intricate routes for your rides, the best way is to sync it with your favorite piece of music and line rider will never be the same for you.

5. The Helicopter Game

Before games like flappy bird and other constant tapping games made the headlines, The Helicopter Game ruled the internet. This basic commodore 64 looking games challenged even the best gamers in the world.

With a simple act of tapping on a mouse button to keep the helicopter alight, you had to cross obstacles and go as far as possible. To be honest I never was able to see how this one ends but it was always something I looked forward to. The Helicopter Games have inspired so many that came after this, but in the flash games era, this was at the very top.

6. Earn to Die 2

If you have a liking for fast cars and killing zombies then Earn to Die should be on the top of your list, this game brings the best of zombie killing and the best of car stunts together to create an addictive flash game experience.

Your objective is to get a beat-up car, drive performing stunts all the while killing zombies and keep on upgrading. The upgrade part is crazy and in-depth. The goal of the game is to go the distance and the one who reaches the farthest wins, but when you add all the elements together, you will focus on everything else and just have a good time.

7. Bejeweled

The only goal is to move multicolored gems around in order to create sets of three. Much like candy crush but this flash version always had something unique to it that others could not create. Bejeweled was present everywhere and millions of players have spent hours moving around these gems.

There was progression in bejeweled and it drew a lot of attention, one of the best puzzle game to ever been released, Bejeweled kept players attached to the devices for hours on end without a break. None of this ever felt tiring and this game will always bring good memories to a lot of players.

8. Zuma

Zuma is an alternative take on Bejeweled, all you have to do is shoot multicolored balls out of the frog’s mouth to create a destroy links of similarly colored balls. Your goal is to stop the balls from reaching the skull.

Zuma is a test of patience and will increase your ability to notice things much more as you play along. Each move and second keeps getting intense after only a couple of minutes into the game. Zuma isn’t for everyone but if you get the hang of it, staying away from it becomes the bigger problem.

9. Space Invaders

Paul Neave is a genius who has created so many flash games that most of the games here would not be made without him in the game development business. Space Invaders is the classic alien shooter as you man a spacecraft and protect the galaxy.

Space Invaders have been in gaming culture for decades and this flash version made it available the game available to millions of players across the globe. Space Invaders is one of the first video games made and it still holds its ground as being one of the most addictive games.

10. Crimson Room

If you love solving puzzles and escape room scenarios Crimson Room will keep you entertained. There is no information given to you, except that you find yourself locked in a room and must find your way out.

The room is filled with clues and you will need to look closer at every crevice and corner in the game, many players have been frustrated but it is an achievement in itself to solve it and get out of the roo. Crimson Room will test your patience.

These are the 10 best flash games that we love and still cannot stop playing, make sure to check out other amazing features about video games on Gamertweak. While you’re here why not check out all the best games of 2020.

Let us know if you want us to cover a specific game and we will do it immediately.