Best Fighter Jets In Military Tycoon (2024)

Here are some of the Best Fighter Jets that you can ever have in Military Tycoon.

While fighting for your nation in Military Tycoon, the best way to invade enemy territories is by using Fighter Jets. Thanks to the updates that came out in recent years, there’s an overwhelmingly huge list of Fighter Jets available now. Some of them are overpowered fighting machines and some are just flying metal bodies. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this guide, we will mention the Best Fighter Jets that you can have in Military Tycoon.

Description: The Fighter Jets mentioned in this list are completely opinion-based. You are free to experiment in the game and find out what suits you best.

Top 3 Best Fighter Jets in Military Tycoon

  • Golden F-35
  • Super F-15
  • ATC-29 Silkfire

Golden F-35

Best Fighter Jets in Military Tycoon

The gorgeous Golden F-35 is the first Aerial Vehicle with VTOL in Military Tycoon. Even though it is hard to obtain, this Fighter Jet is simply one of the best choices you have. Whoever flies this Jet will have complete control over its movement even while at its Top Speed. Speaking of firepower, you get 6 Missiles and 6 Bombs that do good damage when launched. If you have the Gold Lock-on upgrade for the Golden F-35 then you can fire up to 11 Missiles. Which I think is more than enough to destroy 3-4 buildings easily.

Super F-15

Best Fighter Jets in Military Tycoon

In terms of mobility, the Super F-15 is one of the most reliable Fighter Jets. You might not believe this but this Fighter Jet has 12 Radar Lock-on Missiles stored in his inventory. Although a Super F-15 Missile causes less damage, you can compensate it with quantity. Not only that, but this Fighter Jet also has a Small Side Gun that can hit 250 Bullets when unleashed. All these factors already put this Fighter Jet above the rest in Military Tycoon. However, one of the main reasons you should get this Jet is its durability. It can withstand the toughest battles with ease.

ATC-29 Silkfire

Best Fighter Jets in Military Tycoon

ATC-29 Silkfire, also known as X-Wing is an incredibly powerful Fighter Jet. It has a total of 4 Machine Guns and a Missile which are god-level. In comparison with the above two Fighter Jets, this one is a little slower due to the firepower it carries. But when fully upgraded, this Fighter Jet can annihilate 2-3 Jets with ease.

Now that you know what’s the Best Fighter Jet, ensure to make the most out of it. Aside from this, treat yourself with some free rewards by using Codes in Military Tycoon.