Genshin Impact: Best Element For Traveler

Here is the best element that you should use with the Traveler in Genshin Impact.

Now that there are 4 elements available players want to know which is the best for Traveler in Genshin Impact. Before the Sumeru region came along the Traveler could only resonate with Anemo, Geo, or Electro. But now you also get the option of Dendro. But is the new element really even worth it or should you stick with the old ones? So in this guide let us check the best element for Traveler in Genshin Impact.

Best Element for Traveler in Genshin Impact

genshin impact best element for traveler

The best element that you should use with Traveler is Dendro. No, it is not because it is the newest element but in fact, it has two strong reasons that you should consider.

  • Game has few Dendro Characters: Currently there are only two Dendro characters in the game, Tighnari, and Collei. And while you can get Collei for free, Tighnari can only be obtained by wishes. So if you are under-leveled or don’t have enough primogems that basically means you can’t add a Dendro character to your team. But thanks to the ability of the Traveler to resonate with other elements you literally get a Dendro character for free.
    And it is not that the Traveler is any bad with Dendro, they get some decent abilities to use. Here are the moves that the Traveler can use after resonating with Dendro:

    • Foreign Fieldcleaver (Normal attack): Traveler can perform up to 5 normal strikes. Upon charging the attack they can do 2 rapid sword strikes.
    • Razorgrass Blade (Elemental skill): It allows Traveler to spray razor-sharp leaves in front of them at the enemy. This attack does Dendro damage to the target.
    • Surgent Manifestation (Elemental burst): Traveler’s Elemental burst allows them to create a Lea Lotus Lamp at the target. It continuously affects the enemies with Dendro damage that are in its range. What makes this Elemental Burst better is the Lotuslight Transfiguration.
      The Lea Lotus Lamp undergoes changes when it comes in contact with the following elements:

      • Pyro: The lamp explodes and deals AoE Dendro damage to the enemies within its range.
      • Electro: It increases the attack speed of the Lamp.
      • Hydro: It increases the AoE of the lamp and the AoE of its attacks.
  • Elemental Reactions: Dendro can be very useful when you have any Pyro, Electro, or Hydro character in your team. You can attack your target with Razorgrass Blade and switch out to one of the previously mentioned characters to inflict burning, bloom, or quicken effects. I highly suggest you check our guides on how Dendro reactions work to understand them better.

Basically, when you consider the natural abilities of the Traveler as a support character. And then add the ability to resonate to elements, you can see that Dendro is the best-suited element for Traveler. Although, if you don’t like Dendro then the next best element suited for the Traveler is Geo.

You can give the Traveler Dendro abilities by playing as them and interacting with any Statue of the Seven – Dendro in the Sumeru Region.

That covers this guide on the best element for Traveler in Genshin Impact. I suggest you check out our Genshin Impact guides to learn more about the Sumeru region and other characters in this game.

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