Best Skills To Get Early In Robocop Rogue City

Not sure what are the Best early game Skills for you in Robocop: Rogue City? Take a look here to know our suggestions on it.

Alex Murphy aka Robocop needs to give his best while investigating crime and fending off thugs across Old Detroit. In the process, you must equip him with the Best Weapons and Skills from the beginning to ensure a smoother progression. Speaking of Skills, there are 8 of them available in which you can allot your Skill Points. However, not all are worth investing in during the early period. So choosing which Skill to advance first can get trickier in Robocop Rogue City.

There are 8 different Skills in which Robocop can improve himself which include: Combat, Armor, Vitality, Engineering, Focus, Scanning, Deduction, and Psychology. From such a long list, we have shortlisted a few best ones that you should focus on getting first.

Best Skills to Unlock First in Robocop Rogue City

Combat & Armor

The Combat and Armor Skills are something that goes hand in hand according to me. I suggest investing at least 2 points in both of these Skills during the early period. Doing so will unlock the Shockwave and Shield skill upgrade for you. That said, if you want to go aggressive and eliminate all enemies nearby, then you can freely do that with these skills.

Best Skills to Unlock First in Robocop Rogue City
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Mentioned below are all the perks that you can unlock in Combat and Armor Skill Tree respectively:

  • Combat
    • Shockwave (2 Points): Stuns nearby enemies for a short time.
    • Reloading Strike (6 Points): A successful punch connecting with an enemy reloads all carried weapons.
    • Enhanced Shockwave (10 Points): More powerful shockwave that instantly kills nearby enemies.
  • Armor
    • Shield (2 Points): Reduces received damage by 80% for a short time.
    • High Damage Reduction (6 Points): Explosives and high caliber weapons deal 25% less damage.
    • Deflect (10 Points): Small caliber rounds ricochet off your armor and damage nearby enemies.


Deduction is easily one of the best early-game Skills in Robocop Rogue City. All the 10 points that you will be spending on this Skill are completely worth it. For your reference, below is what Deduction offers you:

  • Enhanced Scanning (2 Points): Scanning lets you more often detect helpful information, such as a safe combination, or discover hidden objects or rooms
  • Enhanced Map (6 Points): Marks the locations of valuable items or data on your map.
  • Enhanced Learning (10 Points): Gain 30% more experience points.
best early game skill in Robocop Rogue City

Even if you invest 2 points in Deduction Skill, you will unlock Enhanced Scanning which highlights hidden object and clues. Getting them will help you gain more EXP and eventually get other Skills.


While speaking to an NPC, selecting the most appropriate dialogue ensures a smoother progression. And if you invest in Psychology Skills, then there is no problem at all. Just by putting 6 points here, you get an Empathetic Processing Skill. It is the best story-related skill that highlights the favorable dialogue options on the screen. So if you ever get stuck in a conversation, this Skill will back you up.

Best Skills to Unlock First in Robocop Rogue City

To get you a gist of how beneficial Psychology Skill is in Robocop Rogue City, here are all the Perks it offers you:

  • Enhanced Public Trust (2 Points): Doubles earned Public Trust points.
  • Empathetic Processing (6 Points): Highlights favorable dialogue options.
  • Impact (10 Points): Lowers outcome thresholds for the main characters.


At times, you will be forced to engage in combat against waves of enemies. There will be no way to avoid them and continue with the storyline. Instead, you will have to clear all the enemies to get to the next task. And in such situations, it is better that you keep your Health bar filled. I highly recommend you advance in the Vitality Skill in Robocop Rogue City from the beginning. I am not saying that you purchase all the upgrades in this section right away. But you slowly invest in it whenever you have a decent amount of Skill Points accumulated.

best early game skill in Robocop Rogue City

Here are the benefits that you can get after investing in Vitality Skill:

  • Fuse Boxes Recovery (2 Points): You can use Fuse Boxes to recover up to 50% of your health. Increases the maximum number of OCP Recovery Charges to 4.
  • Enhanced Fuse Boxes Recovery (6 Points): Fuse Boxes recover your entire health. Increases the maximum number of OCP Recovery Charges to 5.
  • Auto Regeneration (10 Points): Slowly recovers up to 75% of your maximum health.

According to me, the above are the Skills and perks that you should unlock first in Robocop Rogue City. If you liked reading this content, then be sure to check out our other guides on Robocop: Rogue City on Gamer Tweak.