WoW Dragonflight: Best Dragonriding Talents To Choose

Here are the best Dragonriding Talents in WoW Dragonflight.

WoW Dragonflight gives players the chance to ride a dragon pretty early on. The game introduces you to Dragonriding Talents as well. In the world of Dragonflight, knowing how to use the best talents can make a significant impact in your gameplay. Choosing the right talents is not that easy which is why we are here to help you. Here are the best Dragonriding Talents to choose in WoW Dragonflight.

Best Dragonriding Talents in WoW Dragonflight

For those who don’t know, to open the Dragonriding Talent tree, you will have to first learn Dragonriding. For more on that, you can read our guide on how to Unlock Dragonriding Talents. Also, additional Dragonriding Talents can be purchased with the help of Dragonriding Glyphs. They are scattered all over the map, so get scouting! Coming back to the point, here are the best talents to choose in WoW Dragonflight:

Dragonriding Talents in WoW Dragonflight

Take to the Skies

This Talent is one of the first you’ll unlock in the Talent tree. However, it’s one of the most important stats as it increases your Vigor. The Vigor bar in WoW Dragonflight
shows how long you can stay airborne with your dragon. Talk to the Skies will increase your Vigor to 4 allowing your dragon to stay in the air for longer. It will only cost you 1 Dragon Glyph.

Dragonrider’s Compassion

This is certainly one of the best Dragonriding Talents in WoW Dragonflight. While you’re flying around Dragon Isles with your Dragon, you can gain stacks of Dragonrider’s Compassion. When you get down, you will get a shield worth 1% of your health and gain 1% movement speed per stack that will last for a total of 30 seconds. All this while only costing 3 Dragon Glyphs, a great deal, isn’t it?

Thrill Chaser

Another way to increase your Vigor is by using this Talent. It will help you generate 1 Vigor every 10 seconds but will also cost you 3 Dragon Glyphs in return.

That’s it on the best Dragonriding Talents in WoW Dragonfight. If you liked this guide, stay tuned to our World of Warcraft page for more.