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Which Difficulty Is Best In Fire Emblem Engage? (Level Differences)

Wondering which is the best difficulty to pick in FE Engage? Check out this guide.

When it comes to the best difficulty to pick, it often comes down to personal perspectives and desired challenges. While some would want to course through the game on relatively easier mode and others would want a far tougher challenge. So which difficulty is the best in Fire Emblem Engage. Well, since this game will also be close to any FE games in terms of strategic requirements, it is better to know the differences between each level of difficulty. FE Engage has three levels of difficulty, Normal, Hard, and Maddening. In this guide, we will show you the differences in each difficulty level so you would have an idea on which one to pick.

What Difficulty to Choose in Fire Emblem Engage?

FE Engage Best Difficulty Level to Pick

FE Engage is tedious and difficult to play through and if you want to go through it without losing a unit, you will need brilliant strategies even in normal mode. Safe to say, beginners have no other choice but to start with normal to understand the plethora of mechanics in FE. But the sad part of choosing this level is that if it is too easy for you, you cannot change it. Starting at a harder level allows you to decrease it but not increase.

If it comes down to personal choice, Maddening is the best difficulty picks in Fire Emblem Engage. Taking nothing away from the Hard mode since they are quite challenging and you will be super engaged in the game creating strategies to keep your units alive. If you are a regular FE player and are not scared by the Maddening difficulty, there is a special feature with it. Hence the Maddening difficulty level will be the best one for you in FE Engage.

You can use the Classic Mode with Maddening and that will allow you to use the permadeath setting. It has been part of the FE history and once you activate it, you will lose allies permanently after being defeated. While in Hard mode and Maddening you will have a limit of 10 while using the Rewind Mechanic. Along with that, enemies will be stronger and more in numbers in order to challenge you properly.

By now, you would know which is the best difficulty for you to pick the Fire Emblem Engage. While you are here, make sure you check out our other FE Engage guides right here at Gamer Tweak.