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Which is the best Country to choose at the start of Crusader Kings 3?

Crusader Kings 3 gives an option to pick one from various regions. Here is a guide on which is the best region to begin where you can get plenty of help and support to expand.

Choosing the right country at the start plays a big role in your winning in Crusader Kings 3. Regions are linked with characters, so if you are looking best country in Crusader Kings 3 then it means the best character in Crusader Kings 3. Both are one and the same, picking the right country or character at the beginning will help you to expand your region and achieve goals. Some countries are remote and surrounded by challenges, while some are designed for an easy start. In this guide, I am going to help you in finding the best country in Crusader Kings 3.

The best country for beginners in Crusader Kings 3


If you are know nothing about the game then start with Ireland. Place of tutorials, Ireland will teach you everything about Crusader Kings 3. I will keep this country on the top because it not that tough to manage. You get resources, you can build up good allies and slowly expand your region. Acquiring land is an important aspect Crusader Kings 3. For this you will have to invade that can lead to war. There is mutual consent also, and if you are done with Ireland then here is a list of top counties to start in Crusader Kings 3.

  1. Sweden
  2. Novgorod
  3. Byzantine Empire
  4. Pratihara
  5. Scotland
  6. Denmark
  7. Mongol Empire
  8. Seljuk

Best Countries in 867


Sweden, Novgorod, Byzantine Empire & Pratihara falls in the top list. Sweden is the best, to begin with. It is not tough to become king in this region. Novgorod has more neighbors you can conquer early in the game. A country for players who are focusing on expanding faster. Sweden has sea around, Novgorod has small counties you can conquer in Crusader Kings 3.

Byzantine Empire and Pratihara are two more countries you can go with. The first one is a small enemy, with over 4000 troops which uses an old way of fighting. You can defeat them and manage your title here. Pratihara unlocks new religions and cultures. It is a unique country in Crusader Kings 3. Want more soldiers then go for Pratihara and it also brings succession.

Best Countries in 1066


Scotland, Denmark, the Mongol Empire, and Sejuk are the four best countries in the 1066 era. Scotland comes with a strategic advantage. You can expand fast in Scotland by conquering other regions. Denmark is best if you are want to try out a Democratic way. Mongol Empire brings a huge benefit of having multiple children ruling different regions. Sejuk has a fleet of over 25000 soldiers and has multiple cultures and religions. It will not be easy to control Sejuk.

Among all want to pick only one then go Byzantine Empire. It is a massive and advanced region. The entire region has a single religion and culture.