Halo Infinite: Best Controller Settings (Xbox & PC)

Halo Infinite multiplayer is here and we can stop playing it. With fast phased gunplay and smooth graphics, you need to be always top of the game with quick presses on your controller buttons. But the key is to memorize all the buttons and the action mapped to them. This will allow you to throw grenades, use equipment, and shoot down enemies in a jiffy. So make sure to keep this Halo Infinite Controls Guide bookmarked or take a printout and keep it with you till you are confident to take out the entire enemy team on your own. Also, make sure to tweak the values mentioned in our Best Halo Infinite Controller Settings to get better performance in the game. So without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Best Halo Infinite Controller Settings (Xbox & PC)

Best Halo Infinite Multiplayer Controller Settings

Here are the best Controller Settings for Halo Infinite multiplayer:

  1. Sensitivity – 1 to 5 (New Players)
  2. Sensitivity – 9 to 10 (Veterans)
  3. Look Acceleration – 2 to 10 (New Players)
  4. Look Acceleration – 0 to 4 (Veterans)
  5. Center Deadzone – 4 to 10, or go lowest till you feel any stick drift
  6. Auto Clamber – YES
  7. Axial Deadzone – 0
  8. Hold To Crouch – YES
  9. Hold To Sprint – NO
  10. Maintain Sprint – YES
  11. Hold To Zoom – NO
  12. Max Input Threshold – 0
  13. Movement Assisted Steering – NO
  14. Step Jump – NO

Multiplayer Controls

Here are the Xbox controller buttons you will need to control the battlefield in Halo Infinite multiplayer:

  • LT Button: Zoom
  • RT Button: Fire Weapon
  • LB Button: Throw Grenade
  • RB Button: Use Equipment
  • Left Stick Button: Sprint
  • Right Stick Button: Melee
  • Y Button: Switch Weapon (Hold to Drop)
  • B Button: Crouch / Slide
  • X Button: Reload / Vent / Interact
  • A Button: Jump
  • D-Pad Up Button: Mark / Helmet Light
  • D-Pad Down Button: AI Scan
  • Menu Button: Game Menu (Text Chat)
  • View Button: Campaign Menu & Scoreboard
  • D-Pad Left Button: Switch Grenade
  • D-Pad Right Button: Switch Equipment

How to Change Halo Infinite FOV Slider?

Apart from knowing the controls you have to see more of the map and the action at the same time to cover more ground and take out enemies before they see you. So the first you need to do right away is to change your Field of View in Halo Infinite. This can be done easily even during a live match. Here’s how to use FOV Slider in Halo Infinite to change Field of View on PC & Xbox Console:

  1. Bring up the Pause Menu by pressing the “ESC” button on the keyboard or the “Menu” button on the controller.
  2. Click on “Settings”.
  3. Use the “RB” button or mouse to move to the “Video” tab.
  4. The FOV slider will be first on top of this menu screen.
  5. You will find it under “Display”.
  6. The default FOV value on both PC & Xbox consoles is 78.
  7. Now use the FOV slider to change Field of View easily.
  8. This works for both Xbox and PC.

That’s everything you need to know about the Halo Infinite controls guide on an Xbox Controller. While you are here, make sure to check out our Halo Infinite Guides, to know more tips & tricks in the game.