Best Co-op Games To Play in 2019

Rahul Majumdar
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Best Co-op games have been around for ages now, starting right from the classic Atari arcades to modern consoles. These are the games which are best experienced with friends because, well, they were made for that. While lately online multiplayer games (read: battle royale) have been all the rage, there are a few gems in the co-op genre which demand your attention.

With co-op games being a bit harder to find these days, you might recognize a few of them on our list if you’ve been looking out for them. Also, do note that we are not including games that are more focused on massively multiplayer modes (Sorry Fortnite).

Best Co-op Games To Play Right Now

10) Sea of Thieves

To say that Sea of Thieves had a rough start would be an understatement. Touted as a revolutionary co-op exclusive by Microsoft, the game didn’t really work the way it was supposed to at launch. But now, developer Rare’s continued support has turned the game around to be actually fun! The game can be played with friends in co-op and it also has PvP modes.

You can team up with your friends by taking roles in maneuvering your ship, attack enemy teams by engaging in intense naval combat and much more. The game still gets updates from time to time, adding in more content and making the experience more enjoyable.

While Sea of Thieves doesn’t exactly make the best case for buying an Xbox, it sure is a lot of fun.

9) A Way Out

EA’s exclusively co-op focused game, A Way Out attracted a lot of attention when it was announced. Developed by Hazelight Studios, the game is only available to play in split-screen co-op mode, either locally or online. Talk about taking things old school! The game tells the story of 2 convicted prisoners who must work together to break out of prison. While the game does have a story for you, and your friend, to follow, you can take different approaches to situations. You’re not locked into playing the game a certain way, which certainly adds to the fun element.

Oh, and by the way, you can also get your friend to join in if they don’t own the game. So long as your friend has Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus, they can join you in-game even if they haven’t purchased the game. The game was part of EA Original’s Program, which aims to support smaller developers like Hazelight.

8) Rocket League

Okay, we said that we won’t include massively multiplayer games here but hear me out. Rocket League League is extremely fun. That is a universal fact that no one can disagree with. Soccer with cars? It sounds crazy, but somehow it works. The game can be played with up to 4 players in local co-op and more online. Now recognized as an eSport, Rocket League took the world by storm when it first came out in 2015. Add to the fact that the game keeps going on sale regularly, it’s no surprise that the game has such a large following.

Here’s an interesting fact: Rocket League is actually a sequel to 2008’s Battle Cars. Never heard of it? Well, we wouldn’t hold that against you as that game wasn’t a runaway success. Aside from local and online co-op, the game was also at the forefront to support Cross-Platform play, something that a lot of other games have veered towards following its release. The game has multiple modes that you can take part in aside from its casual, full-scale matches. If this reminds you of FIFA, then you’re right, it does take a lot from that franchise. However, when you add super-powered cars to the mix, then things start to look more interesting.

7) Spelunky

When Spelunky came out, it pretty much redefined the 2D platformer genre. With procedurally generated levels, the game makes sure that every player’s experience will be unique. It also means that you can’t just learn the map and beat the game easily. Now more than a decade old, the game has a sequel in development that’s due to come out sometime in 2020. Spelunky’s co-op mode is also very good as it enables you to mine its caves and find treasures with a friend.

The co-op mode will let you partner up with up to 4 players in both PvE and deathmatch. It also includes a level editor, much like the more recent Super Mario Maker, so you can share them with your friends and test their skills while at it.

6) Overcooked

This is a game about cooking. With your friends. Sound absurd? Yeah. Overcooked pretty much seems like a mobile game ported onto consoles at first, however it’s much better than what it seems. With the game supporting local co-op multiplayer, it consists of you and your friends hastily cooking and serving food under hard time limits. The game is pretty much a combination of platforming and puzzle-solving. Released to wide acclaim, developer Ghost Town released a sequel in 2018.

5) Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

With a unique concept, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is meant to be played with your friends. The gameplay consists of one defuser and one expert, where the defuser must, well, defuse a randomly generated bomb while being guided by the expert. If there was any game that warranted discord, this is it. The experts have to use a bomb defusal manual, but that doesn’t mean it makes things easy. Each bomb is procedurally generated, meaning it will require the wits of every player participating. We won’t go too much into detail but suffice it to say that you’ll have a lot of fun in this co-op game.

4) Jackbox Party Pack(s)

The Jackbox Games are a unique breed of co-op games. The games themselves don’t rely on their mechanics but rather put the focus fully on you and your friends. The first way it does that is through its availability. Only one player actually needs to own the game, as their friends can join in with a browser link. Pretty cool right?

Each game in the series comes with many different mini-games, so it feels like every installment brings something new to the table. I can’t recommend the series enough, and with these games going on sale every so often, you’ve got no excuse for not trying them out. They’re also available on Android and iOS!

3) Cuphead

Ah, Cuphead, the one game which reminds us just how bad we can get at videogames. Cuphead supports local co-op in the best way possible- by keeping it simple. The game has a charming if old-school art style which instantly reminds us of older cartoons. But don’t let that nostalgia fool you, Cuphead is notorious for its insane difficulty, so much so that it has been compared to Dark Souls.

The game will pit you against many bosses, whom you must defeat by dodging infinite projectiles and falling platforms, all the while working in tandem with your friend. The game has been known to break many friendships, so we’ll advise a word of caution to you before you start on this journey.

2) Destiny 2

Ah, Destiny. Bungie’s crown jewel, after Halo of course. While the game (and it’s predecessor) had a rough start, recent updates have made it the game to play if you’re in for a good co-op experience. With rich lore and fun shooting mechanics, not to mention a decent story, Destiny 2 has become a hallmark in the looter-shooter genre. The game has multiple co-op modes, including PvP, PvE and many more thanks to the outstanding support by its developers. It also went Free-to-Play recently!

The game supports cross-platform saves, is available on Steam and has hundreds of hours of content to get into. Personally I’m not the biggest fan of the looter-shooter genre, but for what it’s worth, the game promises a lot of content to its growing player base. And at the low cost of $0, the least you can do is give it a shot. We at GamerTweak have multiple guides on Destiny 2 covering everything from weapons to hidden missions.

1)  Portal 2 – The Co-Op King

Valve’s classic game still remains the best co-op experience we’ve ever had. While you can play the game on your own, Portal 2 invites you to get your friend join in on the experience. The co-op campaign takes place after the single-player story, so you’ll have plenty of time to learn the game’s mechanics before you invite your friend.

The game was critically acclaimed upon release, and we’re still waiting for the announcement of a sequel. Of course, Valve is infamous for leaving a lot of their signature franchises hanging with their second installment, but we’re getting Half-Life: Alyx, so what do I know? Interestingly enough, the developers revealed that their original idea was to make a VR Portal game, so it could still be on its way in the future. Until then, Portal 2 will have to do.

We will keep updating the list of best co-op games for you gamers to stay tuned and keep trying new games and tweaks. Check our list of Upcoming Best Android/iOS Games 2020 and beyond.