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Best Mods To Upgrade Your Campaign In Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3 mods help to completely change how the game looks to how you want it to behave. There are endless possibilities with over 200 CK3 mods being released in the span of just 4 days. Paradox Development Studios created a near-perfect game but if you wish to personalize it, even more, you should check out until the end.

Crusader Kings 3 is an RTS game that will have you plan out for each and every possibility that can arise out of the situation. This medieval adventure will have you interact and plan with all sorts of people as you raise your army towards battle but also keep a focus on culture and how your subjects are doing.


While Crusader Kings 3 aka CK3 was released not even a week back, and there are over two hundred mods already available though not all of them are great we’ve carefully handpicked a few so that you can improve the game and design it according to your wishes and needs.

Mods help Crusader Kings 3 to bring more immersiveness and a lot of personalities if you love modding and it is something that we highly recommend, you should check out the best mods for Skyrim in 2020.

Coming back to Crusader Kings 3, there’s a ton of changes that you can do with mods and we highly recommend that you try out these mods at the soonest in Crusader Kings 3.


Best Crusader Kings 3 Mods

All of the mods that we’ve shown down below can be found in the Steam Workshop for Crusader Kings 3 and we recommend that you check out these mods and see what fits you best.


Brighter Portraits

Best CK3 Mods

Let’s start with minor changes first that won’t make a huge difference but enough to make sure that gameplay is fun and slightly better. In Crusader Kings 3, you will be checking out your own portrait quite often in the game. While the official game’s portrait looks dull and unattractive, this mod will help bring some brightness to it.

This is one of the highly-rated mods of Crusader Kings 3 and while there’s no difference in the gameplay, it does make your character stand out and look best. A subtle change does make a huge difference and you should check this out before installing any other mod.


Barbershop for Everyone

Best CK3 Mods

If you’re like me and are tired of watching royalty and their subjects flaunt hideous and outdated hairstyles, you’d get frustrated, but if you just think about the possibility of giving royals a funny look with outlandish facial hair to spice up their personality, this mod is for you.

In our testing, we’ve figured out that while we could transform our look to however, we wanted it wasn’t trending enough until everyone in the kingdom sported a similar look and feel. This makes having your legion follow proper etiquettes while bringing a theme to your kingdom. But just make sure to not overdo with this mod.

Princes of Darkness

Best CK3 Mods

While you’re only limited to using humans in Crusader Kings 3, this mod changes that and makes you the prince of darkness. You can become an actual vampire and terrorize your enemies with your wrath. Becoming a Vampire has its own ups and downs where you get to be immortal but it comes at a cost.

As a Vampire though, you will get altered lore which suits this new gameplay mechanics and a lot of new allies and enemies that you have to look out for. You are the danger and you’re also in danger with this mod and it completely overhauls the feel of Crusader Kings 3, this mod isn’t for everyone but those who like it swear by it.


Best CK3 Mods

As if you thought this mod wouldn’t make its way through to the top of highly rated mods in Steam, this is a visual mod at best but what it does is it allows you to undress any character at any time. Now, the control of clothing is completely in your hands and if you forget to dress someone back up they’ll just continue being naked all the time.

Well, this mod is for a specific set of people but it’s still one of the most stable mods made for Crusader Kings 3 and if you want to see some NSFW stuff all the time. This one will surely do the job for you. Just make sure to run this mod while you’re alone or you’ll have some difficult questions to answer.

Free Console Access

Best CK3 Mods

While in debug mode, you’re allowed to let your imagination run wild and use a ton of cheats and commands that will alter your game. You can check out an extensive list of cheats and commands right here, but to enable them you will need to alter a few things here and there. This mod reduces all of that with the touch of a button.

With the Free Console Access mode, you can simply press F11 to enter and leave the debug_mode whenever you please. This ease of access might seem not that impressive at first but when you’re in the middle of a campaign and are wishing to quickly toggle on a cheat, this mod will help you do that.

These are the best CK 3 mods that we’ve found as of now, we will keep updating this list as and when we find more Crusador Kings 3 mods that truly improve the game rather than just break it and render it unplayable. Make sure to check out Gamer Tweak for more news, reviews, features, and guides about your favourite games.