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Genshin Impact: Best Characters To Level Up Early

These are the best characters that you should level up early in Genshin Impact.

Many new Genshin Impact players need help with the best characters to level up early. This is not an uncommon problem as the game already has a ton of characters to choose from. Not to mention it keeps adding new ones with almost every major update. But you can’t just simply max out every other character as the resources you need for it is finite. So in this guide let us check the best characters in Genshin Impact to level up early.

Best Characters to Level Up Early in Genshin Impact


best characters to level up early in genshin impact

There are two characters that you should definitely level up early in this game, & those two characters are Noelle and Barbara. Other than these two characters you can also consider leveling up the Traveler. But the most important tip here is to level up the character that you like and plan on using even later in the game. For example, in update 2.7 of the game, Yelan had released. So for a Hydro character, I would definitely max her out. This is a PvE focused game, so it shouldn’t really matter in the long run. And so your primary focus should be leveling up the characters that you enjoy playing with the most. But for now, let us check why you should level up the above-mentioned characters.




Noelle is a 4-star character whose weapon of choice is a Claymore. Her element is Geo and she is very useful in the early game. You should use her as a DPS character, but you could also use her as a support.

Her moves are beginner friendly and easy to use. She also has attacks in her arsenal that do normal and AoE Geo damage. And some of her other abilities include her getting a shield and granting a shield to her teammates when she is in party.


So taking the above abilities into account, you can see why she is useful for both support and DPS roles. And no matter how you plan on using her in your team, leveling her up early will make the game easy for you at least at the beginning.

Getting her: You can get her from the Beginners’ wish banner.




Barbara is also a 4-star character, and her element is Hydro. Interestingly her weapon choice is a Catalyst so any normal or charged attacks you do will do elemental damage. As opposed to Noelle, Barbara is more suited to be a Support character.

Two of her talents focus on healing the party and nearby teammates. The best part is her healing scales with her HP. So if you need a healer on your team she is definitely one you should add.

Getting her: You can get her from the Baptism of Song event.

Other Characters to Level Up Early in Genshin Impact

Aside from the above two characters, you should consider leveling up these characters if you get or have them:

  • Pyro Characters
    • Hu Tao
    • Bennet
  • Hydro Characters
    • Yelan
    • Kamisato Ayato
  • Anemo Characters
    • Venti
    • Xiao
  • Electro Characters
    • Raiden Shogun
    • Keqing
  • Cryo Characters
    • Ganyu
    • Shenhe
  • Geo Character
    • Zhongli
    • Albedo

That covers this guide on the best characters to level up early in Genshin Impact. If you need help on more such topics then be sure to check out our other Genshin Impact guides.