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Tower Of Fantasy: Best Character To Choose In SSR Selector Box

Here is the best character that you should pick from the SSR Selector Box in ToF.

Tower of Fantasy allows you to pull SSR characters from the Selector Box, and players want to know which one is the best. Having the right character can make or break the game for you. In fact, when players don’t enjoy their characters they might even stop playing the game completely. And while having a choice can be nice, not knowing which to pull can make things confusing. So in this guide let us check what character to choose from the SSR Selector Box in Tower of Fantasy (ToF), and other characters.

What Character to Choose from SSR Selector Box in Tower of Fantasy?

what character to choose from ssr selector box in tower of fantasy tof

The character that you should pick from the SSR Selector Box is the one you like. Since you will be playing the game, you should make sure you enjoy the looks and playstyle of the character. But for my recommendation I would say, you should select Samir from the SSR Selector Box in ToF.

Samir is an excellent DPS character that uses dual pistols as her weapon. Her weapons are called Dual EM Stars and her element is Volt. The main reason that you should select her is that she is a character that is capable of dealing some of the highest damage in the game.

An important tip here, select your SSR Selector Box after your Gold Nucleus pulls. You can spend Gold Nucleus to get SSR characters from the 30th and 80th Pull. So after you have your first two SSR characters, picking the box will help avoid duplicates. The best part is you can get a SSR selector box for free.

Best Characters to Choose from SSR Selector Box in ToF

Other than Samir there are two more characters you could pull for, and they are:

  • King
  • Meryl

The reason I suggest you pull King is that his weapon is a Shield Breaker. While he is also a DPS character his element is flame. And his weapon of choice is a scythe. He can be very handy against enemies that have shields.

As for Meryl, she fulfills the role of a defensive character in the team. She is basically a tank with the Ice element, and the weapon she uses is a Claymore.

That covers this guide on the best character to choose in SSR Selector Box in Tower Of Fantasy (ToF) and other characters. Be sure to check out our other guides for this game on how to change channels, fix the login status exception, how the satiety & healing system works, and import preset characters.