Super Mario Bros Wonder Best Character For Beginners

Here is the character that you should play as in SMB Wonder if you are new to the series.

There are 12 characters in Super Mario Wonder that you can play as and many want to know which are the ones best for beginners. Mario has always been the one running the fastest throughout the series. There have also been cases like Luigi in Super Mario World where he would have a lighter and a higher jump or Peach floating a bit before landing in Super Mario 3D World.

The characters in this game all play the same except for two of them. These two also happen to be the ones most suited for new players. So let us check them out and why you should use them.

Best Character for Beginners in SMB Wonder

Super Mario Bros Wonder Best Character For Beginners
Image Credits: Nintendo of America on YouTube

Yoshi is the best character that beginners or children should play as. Alternatively, you also have the option to play as Nabbit. Both these characters won’t take any damage when they get hit, making them perfect for new players. However, there are a few more reasons why you should pick a Yoshi over Nabbit. Here are them all:

Yoshi knows two extra moves

  • Flutter jump: Unlike a regular jump especially when you are running and jumping towards some platform you have to time it correctly. While that still applies to Yoshi, when you press and hold the jump button Yoshi hovers in the air for a moment longer, allowing you to correct your direction before you land/fall.
  • Eat objects: You can use Yoshi’s tongue to eat anything shot your way and shoot it back.

Aside from that another benefit of playing as Yoshi is other players can ride you. This also works if both players are Yoshis then they can ride each other. Lastly, you have four color options when playing as Yoshi.

However, if you don’t want these abilities or if you find Nabbit cool then you can play as him as well. It is important to remember that you can still die if you fall off the stage/down a pit and lose your life. Also, since you get an advantage of being practically invincible when playing as them, in exchange you are unable to use any power-ups.

The best part is you can always change your character so you won’t be stuck as one if you start your playthrough with them.

That’s it for the best character for beginners in Super Mario Bros Wonder. Since you are interested in this game also check out how to play online with friends. As for help on any other topics be sure to check out our SMB Wonder guides.