Best Elden Ring Calculator To Use

Here's every best Elden Ring calculator to use for your build, runes, level, character class, weapon damage, AR stat, equip load and weight.

With the popularity of Elden Ring, many calculator websites have appeared online, all of which could help you with different aspects of the game. There are build calculators, weapon damage calculators and much more that you can try out. Since there are lots of elements and factors contributing towards you leveling up in Elden Ring, you need to plan out your course of action in the game. This is why we exlpored multiple calculators and have come up with a list of the best Elden Ring calculator to use for your build, runes, level, character class, weapon damage, AR stat, equip load and weight.

Best Elden Ring Calculators

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Here are all the best Elden Ring Calculators by type.

Elden Ring Build Calculator

The best Elden Ring Build Calculator is Elden Ring Build Planner by “”. They managed to get this calculator to work with stats and calculate runes accordingly. You also get additional functions like as choosing all 4 talismans, and hand slots. You can add armor, weapons, check with your Great Runes and spells, to calculate your total defense. And to as cherry on top, you can export your builds and import the ones from your friends here. An all-around really good Build Calculator.

Best Elden Ring Level & Rune Calculator

One of the best Elden Ring Level Calculator is the one created by fextralife. This calculator is still in WIP, but that doesn’t stop it from giving you Runes count as ‘Runes to next level’ & ‘Total Rune Cost’ as per your need. You can just experiment with the level you want your build to focus on, and you can count on the number of runes required. This helps you to decide and plan other runes you can spend on other in-game items for your new characters.

Elden Ring Character Class Calculator

This is from mugenmonkey, who is already known among the Souls players with some of the useful calculators for other Soul games like Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, and Demon’s Souls. But this Elden Ring is not directly mentioned in the website.

Nate tweeted the reasons for not providing the full character planner for now. He is currently focusing on enjoying the game for himself. We totally appreciate that. He, too, needs a break after helping all of us for last 7+ years. But this doesn’t mean this current Starting Class Optimizer lacks anything. It is the best calculator to find out the best “Optimal Class” for you. Just punch in the stat levels you are looking for, and you can find your ideal class with the help of dynamic “Class Rankings” on the page. Make sure to check it out for your next new character.

Best Elden Ring Weapon Damage & AR Stat Calculator

Okay the best Elden Ring Weapon Damage & AR Stat Calculator right is the one made by u/TarnishedSpreadsheet. Many weapon stats changes in the recent updates are not reflected here currently. But this calculator is so good that you can even choose the ‘Boss’ you want to fight, and calculate the amount of damage each weapon will do according to the boss’s weakness and other stats. Trust me, this is the one you need to use to calculate anything related to Weapon Damage & AR Stat in Elden Ring. Just click on the link, make a copy and you are good to go.

Elden Ring Equip Load & Weight Calculator

Calculating your Equip Load & Weight is pretty important in the game. It directly is in proportion to the negative effects you take on your Dodge Roll. And if your carry weight ratio is too much, and you will be even unable to do rolls & backsteps in the game. Even if the motion becomes so slow all the enemy types will have an upper hand over you. As of now, we don’t have a really good calculator to check equip load & weight but many options are suggested by users like u/fupamancer with formulas. But until a really good one comes out, you can rely on the calculators we mentioned above to get everything you need for now.