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Enter The Gungeon Best Build & Its Alternative

Tired of trying different builds in Enter the Gungeon? Check out this guide to learn the best build and its alternative.

Many players are looking for the best build to use in Enter the Gungeon. This comes as no surprise as there are a ton of weapons and items that you can use in this game. Thus it can get very confusing on which ones are the best and which ones you can straight up ignore. So in this guide let us quickly check the best build to use in Enter the Gun and an alternative for it.

Best Build to Use in Enter the Gungeon


best build to use in enter the gungeon and its alternative

The best build in Enter the Gungeon comprises of the following items:

  • Gun: Elimentaler
    • It covers your enemies in cheese and also freezes them. Things get better because whenever an enemy dies by this gun they turn into a pool of cheese. And if another enemy happens to step in this pool then they to will turn into cheese. This gun is of the semiautomatic type and gets 29 DPS. It has infinite ammo capacity and a magazine size of 15. It is of the Pistol class.
  • Alternate gun: Gunther
    • This weapon is probably the weapon with the highest damage in the game thanks to its ability. It grows stronger with reach room you clear. So while initially, it might not be the best but as you keep playing and clearing the rooms it will get better. This gun gets DPS in a range of 34.6-69.2 and is also of the semiautomatic type. Just like Elimentaler, it has an infinite ammo capacity and a magazine size of 15. And just like it, Gunther is also of Pistol class
  • Active Item: Relodestone
    • It reduces the reload time by half and also allows the player to absorb enemy bullets to regain ammo.
  • Alternate Active Item: Partially-Eaten Cheese
    • Makes the player invincible while active and kills any enemy that comes in contact with the player.
  • Passive Item: Gungeon Blueprint
    • Reveals the maps of all floors for the rest of the run.
  • Alternate Passive Item: Clone
    • When the player dies, they get revived on the first floor in the starting room. The best part is the player will retain all the items and guns.


Thanks to Fandom for their information about these items and weapons.

That covers this guide on the best build to use in Enter the Gungeon and an alternative for it. If you found this guide to be helpful then be sure to check out Gamer Tweak for more such guides.