Curse Of The Dead Gods: Best Blessings Guide

List of the Best Blessings in Curse of the Dead Gods

Curse of the Dead Gods has finally been released as a complete version. The almost top-down animated gameplay is sure to attract a lot of attention to the game itself after what seemed like years of playing the Early-Access version. Rather than Greek Gods the Devs have actually looked up to South-American Gods which is a refreshing twist. Like all gods, reality, and in-game, the Almighties in this game will bestow you with blessings too. And obviously, these blessings come with certain boosts and upgrades. Read further to know which are the Best Blessings in Curse of the Dead Gods.

Best Blessings in Curse of the Dead Gods

The best blessings in Curse of the Dead Gods

Mentioned below are our Best Blessings for Curse of the Dead Gods.

Serpents Bounty

This is one of the most important blessings you should have. With it, all Bosses and Champions will drop five items when they are defeated. We don’t need to tell you twice that more resources are a better idea in general, do we? Also if you do feel like discarding any, you can simply use them as offerings.

Favor Of Si’chal

With this blessing with you, a guaranteed 1000 gold and a 5 unit increase in perception are available at the start of every run.

Furious Skin

This is another handy blessing to have. It offers players an extra 50% damage boost that stays active for six seconds.

Gust of Agility

This blessing offers you a speed boost for 5 seconds once you dodge an enemy’s attack.

T’amok’s Bones

This blessing affords players 5 extra constitutions when they start exploring. If you do have less than 50% health when you enter a room, you will get an additional point of constitution stat.

Grace of the Tempest

Every time you clear a room without getting damage you get +1 Dexterity which boosts your DPS.

These were our picks for Best Blessings in Curse of the Dead Gods. Do not forget to check out How to lift Curse in the game.