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Best Arma 3 Mods Available And How To Install Them

Download and install best Arma 3 mods.

Bohemia Interactive’s Arma 3 brings the open-world military tactics experience to the gamers. There’s already a lot to explore in the game including the vast islands of Altis and Stratis, water environments, and the terrain of war. But its always the more the merrier. Gamers are always on a hunt to find and install Arma 3 mods. If you are just like me and always on a search of something new to revamp your gaming experience, here’s a list of best Arma 3 mods available.

These mods will surely tweak the game environment for you and enhance your gaming experience. You can use them to improve graphics, add new items & weapons, and unlock some new features. It is fairly easy to download and install the mods, but for these mods to function properly, they need to be compatible with the game itself. Hence, a word of advice before heading to installing and playing mods versions is to copy & paste your original files to some other location, just in case. So if the mods are not compatible and your game crashes, you can simply reinstall the game from your copied folder. That’s all for the boring part, let’s begin with the fascinating list of best Arma 3 mods available and how to install them.

What Are The Best Arma 3 Mods Available

Iron Front in Arma 3 AIO Lite

Arma 3 mods Iron front AIO Lite

This Arma 3 mod is a version of the Iron Front game. It brings the flavor of the World War II arena and new weapons to the game. The mod features five different sizeable maps to explore. It also has WWII themed equipment and tanks. One thing that is missing in this mod is the single-player missions, which were a part of Iron Front but not included in the free “Lite” mod version.

Faces of War

Arma 3 mods faces of war

Similar to many others, Faces of War is one of the Arma 3 mods that attempts to bring the historic World War II to the game. It tries to get more accurate content from the war by adding more uniforms, weapons, equipment, and vehicles. This mod is also useful and required to play other WWII mods for Arma 3.


Arma 3 mods ALiVE mod

ALiVE is a dynamic world mod for Arma 3, where players can create there own landscapes for various missions. This module also works well with several other add-on mods giving you flexibility. It supports easy editor modules to make it simple for you to create different scenarios. ALiVE has various resizeable maps and a Virtual AI system that allows simulation of land, sea, and air forces. It completely resembles the traditional strategy-based military games, wherein your strategy is what makes the difference between victory and loss. This mod also allows you to keep a track of all the different scenarios that you have created and played with its web services integration to Arma 3.


Arma 3 mods wasteland

This is one of the Arma 3 mods that allow players to respawn as many times as they want it. The respawn ability turn Altis into a never-ending battle royale ground for you. It allows players to bring in their own customizations and extensions to the game.


Arma 3 mods DAYZ

If you love killing brainless zombies, this is the mod for you. DAYZ Arma 3 mod spawns zombies on the islands and you can take them on in single-player combat or multiplayer mode. Look after your health while playing this mission as there are possibilities of dying because of freezing, starving, or getting infected by zombie attacks. You will also have to monitor the movements of other players in multiplayer modes. Players can kill or help each other to survive, hence you will always have to be alert.


Arma 3 mods ACE 3

ACE 3 short for Advanced Combat Environment 3 is an entirely open-source and free to play mod. The mod provides various customization options, allowing players to tweak the game as they want. Some of the many features of ACE 3 includes 3D interaction system, carrying & dragging new weapons & vehicles, and magazine repacking. It also offers an improved medical system and consistent network synced weather. It purely enhances your gaming experience by fixing some interactive system glitches in Arma 3.


Arma 3 mods Aftermath

Aftermath Arma 3 mod adds a post-apocalyptic theme to the game. This mod adds many things to the game. Firstly it adds new factions with each having different unit types such as engineers, medics, and more. Next, it also adds to the collection of weapons and equipment. There are a few firearms and energy weapons, and it also has throwable weapons. Aftermath also includes new maps, props, vehicles, and faces.


Arma 3 mods MGS1

This mod is an official remake of the Metal Gear Solid game, hence the name MGS1. The mod adds a lot to the costume and looks of the Arma 3 characters. MGS1 mod includes eyepatch, head bag, prisoner uniform, solid snake sneaking suit, and much more appearance changes.

ADR-97 Weapon Pack

Arma 3 mods ADR-97 weapon pack

This is an official mod created by Bohemia. ADR-97 Weapon Pack extends and adds to the collection of ADR-97 submachine gun. There are more variants and more etiquettes available for the gun.

Malden 2035

Arma 3 mods Malden 2035

Malden 2035 DLC keeps the original terrain featured in the first version but adds a lot of creativity in terms of the environment and combat techniques. The surroundings in Malden 2035 includes vineyards, colored buildings, and yarns. It also brings a new multiplayer mode named combat patrol.

How to Install Arma 3 Mods 2020

You can download both types of mods, developed by Bohemia and user-created ones. Official mods that are approved by Bohemia can be downloaded on Steam. Here are the steps to do that.

  • Open the Arma 3 workshop on Steam and go to mods tag
  • Search for the mod you are looking for and click on the + icon to subscribe
  • Launch the game from Steam itself (mods will be downloaded and loaded automatically)
  • Play the game with installed mods.

You can also download and install user-developed Arma 3 mods. To do that first download the mods and then follow the below steps.

  • Open the Arma 3 workshop on Steam and go to mods tag
  • Head on to the local mods tab
  • Select the folder of the mod
  • The mod will be now available in the mods tag on Steam

You can also install mods directly from your PC. Just add the mods folder in Arma 3 folder and then you can enable it within the game. Just go to options -> Expansions and you will find the available mods.

That is the list of best Arma 3 mods and how to install them on your PC. You can also find mods for other games such as Red Dead Redemption and Death Stranding.