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Best Apex Legends Characters For Season 11

Here are the best characters in Apex Legends (Season 11).

If you love playing Apex Legends or have been out of the loop for a minute then I am here to tell you about the 5 best Legends you should pick during the current season of the game.

Best Apex Legends Characters for Season 11


best apex legends characters s11

Apex Legends has seen a surge of players and with each new season, they have introduced one new Legend. What started as a roster of mere 8 Legends has now grown up to be a whopping 19 total Legends. I cannot stress enough that every single Legend is his/her own unique beast and there is no end-all-be-all character. Each one of them is balanced well and brings its own unique gameplay style and victory can be achieved through the use of any of them. With that out of the way let’s take a look at the 5 best Legends to go for during the current season.

Bloodhound – Best Character in Apex Legends


Bloodhound has been one of the go-to Legends for me and many other players ever since the game launched. The reason behind this lies in his tracing abilities. You see each Legend comes with his/her own set of unique abilities and while Bloodhounds don’t do no damage to anybody, his tracking abilities make up for it and quite frankly are an overcompensation. Passively, Bloodhound can see the footsteps of enemies who have been through the spot he’s in. This not only helps your team with getting their weapons ready but also can be a great opportunity to surprise attack and blindside the enemy team. His tactical ability allows him to scan people through walls, which lets him and his teammates see a silhouette of the foes and plan the ambush. The downside to that is when someone is scanned, they’ll get a pop-up telling them that they’ve been scanned.

So, planning your next move has to be smart as they’ll be ready and waiting for you. His ultimate on the other hand is truly his namesake as it literally turns him into a Bloodhound, giving him increased speed and mobility and highlighting enemies in red combined with seeing their footsteps. Bloodhound can perfectly be described as a stalker out for blood so sleep with one eye opened because you won’t know if he’s watching you or not.



Ever wanted to feel what 6 cups of coffee do to your brain and body? Welcome Octane! This madlad is energetic, mobile, and can be downright impossible to hit. You see, when it comes to Octane there’s a lot going on. His Passive ability allows him to heal over time when not taking damage while his tactical ability allows him to use a stim that increases his speed for a few seconds in exchange for some hit points. Do you see the synergy there? This guy can turn into the flash if he so chooses and you won’t catch him. You can indefinitely spam these two abilities which can help you with escaping tricky situations and survey areas at a swift pace.

Don’t worry about the team though! Octane can get out of tricky spots we have established that but he can also help his teammates by deploying his ultimate ability, which is a launch pad that catapults the team up into the sky and far away from a losing battle. Plus, in 1v1 scenarios, Octane can be annoying to hit because of how fast and mobile he is. As I said in the beginning, no one Legend is the best character in the game, and a lot of people sleep on Octane in favor of another. Give this guy a shot and learn how to play as him and become a major annoyance for other players.


Valkyrie was introduced in season 9 and brings at least one unique thing with her that no one else has. A jetpack! As the name suggests, Valkyrie can soar through the skies, using her passive ability, be it for a short time, which not only gives her a good vantage point over others but can also help in escaping from places where the tides won’t turn in her favor. This kind of mobility rivals that of Octane and acts as a great repositioning tool. The one caveat is that she cannot use weapons while flying but that shouldn’t be a concern as the escape artist level skills come in more than handy. Her tactical ability, on the other hand, are a swarm of micro missiles that damage and disorient enemies.


The damage is decent but the disorientation means you can pretty much knock them down if you land your shots before they can recollect their sense. It’s quite a satisfying feeling to wreck someone up before they can even respond. Finally, her ultimate lets this birdie fly up in the air and take her teammates with her to another location be it away from conflict or towards it. Valkyrie brings in a lot of flexibility with her movement options and with her evasive nature and tactical thinking, she is another Legend you should spend some time with.


New season, new Legend. This time it’s someone named Ash. Not only does she look scary, she actually is scary. Let’s begin with her passive ability and see what t can’t do. Deathboxes appear as a ping on her map. Okay, this tells us where someone recently died, so that means there’s someone else there who may be battle-worn and can be juked. That’s not it however, if you are unsure or unaware of what happened to the assailant of the person who left this box behind, you can interact with it and find out about him or her. Ain’t that crazy? The downside is it’s only allowed once per box, but regardless this stalker-ish ability can give Bloodhound a run for his money. That’s just the passive though as the tactical throws a snare that damages enemies and tethers the first one who gets too close.

Chokepoints or team battles are gonna get a whole new meaning because of this and wherever the poor soul that gets tethered may be, I can’t imagine what’d happen to them. Finally, her ultimate opens up a one-way portal onto a targeted location. So basically like Wraith but no one can follow you! How crazy is this character am I right? She is evasive, aggressive, and tactical all at once! If there’s one complete package of a character award, then I, without a question am handing it to Ash. Need you more convincing after what I just described to you?

Gibraltar – Best Character in Apex Legends

I started with an OG character and I am gonna end on an OG character. Gibraltar was and still is one of the best of the bests without a doubt. Gibraltar is a tank. A behemoth and is someone who everyone would like to be guarded by. For starters, he is not slowed by bullets, receives less incoming damage, and for his passive ability deploys a shield that can take a decent chunk of damage, every time you aim down sights with him. Then comes his tactical ability which pops a bubble shield around him that he and his teammates can stand in and shield themselves from oncoming attacks and finally, his ultimate calls in a mortar strike on the position you throw a smoke bomb at. Defense and Offense, that’s Gibraltar.

It’s ironic because people used to make fun of him when the game first launched and now he is one of the most beloved and essential characters in the game. Not only is Gibraltar useful but playing as him also incentivizes you to push forward instead of hiding and peek shooting and with his ability to act very much as a support character, he becomes an essential asset for any team he’s a part of. All the new Legends added to the game are good and fun there’s no doubt but the old ones are still striking gold and Gibraltar is a force to be reckoned with.

Apex Legends is fun for both solo players and people playing with their friends and with so many characters to choose from, it can get hard to make up your mind. So, these have been my top picks for characters in Apex Legends and its current season and I’d like to end by saying this again, despite each Legends pros and cons, no one legend is better than the other. Each and every single one of them is unique and can achieve the victory you seek. And with this being an ever-expanding game, nerfs and buffs are commonplace.

Try these Best Legends in Apex Legends and also try the other ones out and find the one that suits you the best and whatever you get up to make sure to have fun and check out other articles here at GamerTweak!