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Best Apex Legends Characters For Season 11 Split 2

Here are the best characters in Apex Legends (Season 11 Split 2).

Apex Legends has seen a surge of players and with each new season, they have introduced one new Legend. What started as a roster of mere 8 Legends has now grown up to be a whopping 19 total Legends. I cannot stress enough that every single Legend is his/her own unique beast and there is no end-all-be-all character. Each one of them is balanced well and brings its own unique gameplay style and victory can be achieved through the use of any of them. With that out of the way let’s take a look at the best Legends to go for during the current season. In this guide, I will show you the best Apex Legends Characters for Season 11 Split 2.

Best Apex Legends Characters for Season 11 Split 2


best apex legends characters s11

Tier Legend Legend Type
S Bloodhound Recon
S Gibraltar Defensive
S Valkyrie Recon
S Wraith Offensive
A Ash Offensive
A Caustic Defensive
A Octane Offensive
B Bangalore Offensive
B Fuse Offensive
B Horizon Offensive
B Lifeline Support
B Loba Support
B Pathfinder Recon
B Seer Recon
C Crypto Recon
C Rampart Defensive
C Revenant Offensive
C Wattson Defensive
F Mirage Offensive

As you can see, we have 4 Apex Legends Characters that are the best for this season. F Tier Legends are pretty weak and are rarely used in the META, you are better of using any other Legend. The Legends which are in the C Tier are also not that great but can find some success in Split 2 of Season 11 of Apex Legends. B Tier has a collection of good and well-rounded Apex Legend Characters, they are pretty balanced and you won’t go wrong using them.


Now, A Tier is where things get interesting. These are Legends who are very solid and a must-pick if S Tier Legends have been taken. They are as good as the S Tier Characters but lack an overpowering ability. S Tier Apex Legends Characters are the Crème de la Crème. If you want to win a game then this is the group of Characters you have to play. Their abilities and synergies with other Legends is what makes them the S Tier Characters in Apex Legends

Try these Best Legends in Apex Legends and also try the other ones out and find the one that suits you the best and whatever you get up to make sure to have fun and check out other articles here at GamerTweak!