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Best 10 Killstreaks In Modern Warfare 2 – Get Max Kills

Killstreaks can be a turning point in the game and picking the right one matters. Here are some of the best killstreaks you must always use in MW2.

Killstreaks are like an add-on boost that unlocks when you are able to get continuous kills or some points. They are game changers and it is necessary to know well about them. There are over 19 different killstreaks in COD MW2, but not all are effective. This guide will give you the list of the best ten killstreaks that can give you maximum kills in MW2.


Top 10 Killstreaks and How to use it?

MW2 Best Killstreaks

Killstreaks are rewarded once you get nonstop kills or certain points. Like if you are able to get 6 kills in a row you can call up for a Cruise Missiles kill streak, if it’s a part of your loadout, It is necessary to pick the best one because it will be your best ally in the game. If you are confident that you will not die soon then you can opt for Gunship or Juggernaut. Killstreaks that require 10 kills are game-changers. You can easily take down a horde of the crowd in front if you have one of these active killstreaks in MW2.

  1. Counter UAV (5 Kills) – 625 Points
  2. Cluster Mines (5 Kills) – 625 Points
  3. Cruise Missiles (6 Kills) – 750 Points
  4. Sentry Gun (7 Kills) – 875 Points
  5. VTOL Jet (8 Kills) – 1000 Points
  6. Chopper Gunner (10 Kills) – 1250 Points
  7. Emergency Drop (10 Kills) – 1250 Points
  8. Gunship (12 Kills) – 1500 Points
  9. Advanced UAV (12 Kills) – 1500 Points
  10. Juggernaut (15 Kills) – 1875 Points

MW2 also has scorestreaks, that work differently. You can check our guide on Killstreaks vs Scoretreaks to learn in detail how everything works. To call up a killstreak you have to be away from the enemy. If you are calling in for a Gunship or a Jet or a Cruise missile do not stay in the range of attack. Also when you are operating the gadget anyone can kill you easily.


There are two more MW2 killstreaks that can help you in mid of battle. One is Care Package which unlocks at 5 kills and the second is Emergency Airdrop which unlocks at 10 kills. The first one rewards you with a random kill streak. If the one in loadout is not helping then call for this one, and the second one requires more killing. But this one is the best, if you call for Emergency Airdrop, you will get 3 random killstreaks on your location. Having three different killstreaks opens the door to possibilities. You can target a larger group of enemies with each.

So this was the best ten killstreaks in COD MW2. For more such tips do check our COD MW2 Wiki Guide.