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What To Do First In MLB The Show 23? (Beginner Tips)

Here are the first things you should try out in MLB The Show 23.

The wait for a new MLB game is over this week with MLB The Show 23. Developer San Diego Studio has gone above and beyond the expectations set up by The Show 22. The game’s main draw is its online mode called Diamond Dynasty. Fans can build their dream team and fight it out with other players online. A lot of the best players are locked behind Packs and other hidden achievements. Let’s look at a few beginner tips and the first things you should do in MLB The Show 23.

Things to do first in MLB The Show 23 (Beginner Tips)

what to do first in MLB The show 23 beginner tips

The first thing most players want to do after starting the game jumps directly into online play. An understandable choice, but it is extremely tough making it a few games in with just your starting squad. Playing through the offline modes of the game is a great way to unlock some decent cards that can make a huge impact on the squad.

Complete the Negro Leagues

This is a new addition to the series where players will experience the stories of great athletes that missed out on getting the respect they deserved. You can play through the 8 different stories and unlock perks and rewards. The best part of playing this mode is the player cards you unlock at the end. Cards like the Buck O’Neil Captain have a 95 overall rating that can be earned for free by just playing through the game mode.

Complete the Starter Program

After you finish the tutorial for Diamond Dynasty, you can get started on completing the whole Starter Program. These will include small missions and challenges that will reward you with a good amount of Stubs and other perks. The Starter Program is an easy way to add cards like 87 Justin Verlander or 88 Sammy Sosa to your collection early.

Play Conquest Mode

Conquest is a game mode inspired by the board game Risk. Players can attack, defend, and steal territory on the map while they fight against other MLB teams. Your goal is to capture the most tiles on the map by using your team’s fans to attack or capture the area. This is a great mode to play offline as you can unlock all kinds of hidden rewards and earn some valuable Stubs.

These are all the things you can do first in MLB The Show 23. For more on the game, check out our MLB The Show 23 guides section here on Gamer Tweak.