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How To Beat Wyvern In Sonic Frontiers [Boss Fight Guide]

Here is a short guide on how to beat Wyvern in Sonic Frontiers.

Wyvern is the second boss that you’ll encounter while playing Sonic Frontiers. You can find Wyvern on Ares Island after you finish all the main quests there. Just like other bosses in the game, Wyvern is very hard to defeat until you do your homework on it. This dragon-like beast won’t give up so easily. Hence, we’ll give you some tips on how to beat Wyvern in Sonic Frontiers.


Tips to Beat Wyvern in Sonic Frontiers

Firstly, just like the Giganto fight on Kronos Island, your Sonic will have to turn into Super Sonic to go head-to-head against Wyvern. To get the Chaos Emerald, ascend the glowing tower using rings and wall-climbing your way until you reach the very top. Later on, after a short cutscene plays, you’ll be chasing Wyvern aerially. Keep dodging and using homing attacks on Wyvern’s fireballs until you reach the end of the trail. Here, you’ll find the Purple Chaos Emerald. The phase 1 of the fight will begin now.

Wyvern in Sonic Frontiers {Boss Fight Tips}Phase 1

Once you have turned into Super Sonic, you need not worry about taking any damage from Wyvern. However, keep a track on Sonic’s ring counts. If the rings get exhausted and reach zero, you will have to start again. During this phase, Wyvern will launch missiles at you. Simply parry the missiles, Sonic will throw it back at the big robot. Once Wyvern’s stunned, unleash your attack on it.

Phase 2

In the final phase, Wyvern will start dishing out multiple fireballs and laser attacks. You just have to dodge these attacks and use the same mantra like in Phase 1. Parry and attack! Do this until its health depletes and bring the dragon robot down once and for all!


That does it on how to beat Wyvern in Sonic Frontiers. If you want to know everything related to this game, check out our Sonic Frontiers guide too.