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New World Well Guardian Boss Fight Strategy – A Selfless Nature

In this guide, you'll learn how to beat the Well Guardian in New World's "A Selfless Nature" boss fight.

The Well Guardian Boss Fight has had players of New World fuming all across the globe finding ways to beat it. The requirements to progress past the boss require very specific conditions to be met and are deemed almost undoable for a lot of players. In this guide we point out how you can beat this mechanic and defeat the Well Guardian Boss in New World.

How to Beat the Well Guardian in New World Boss Fight (Best Strategy)


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To Beat the New World Well Guardian in “A Selfless Nature” main storyline quest, you and your teammates will have to resort to cheesing the Well Guardian in-game using cliffs and distributed spam attacks combined with a tank in order to defeat him in the boss fight. Here’s the complete strategy you need to use to defeat the Well Guardian in New World. Keep in mind, that this strategy will only work as long as the game doesn’t patch it up.

  • Firstly, ensure you’ve got teammates ready to coordinate with you in spamming attacks.
  • Moreover, you will need someone from the team to take up the role of playing a “Tank” whose shield will really be needed here.
  • Next, Stock up on Common Blight Tinctures. These are really cheap to buy in-game, so go berserk and purchase 40 of these.
  • You will receive a lot of Blight Affliction while engaging in the boss battle so be sure to use these to fully remove the Blight Affliction and gain a minor resistance to it for a specific duration.
  • Furthermore, once you enter close vicinity and see the Well Guardian, make sure you maintain the furthest distance possible.
  • It’s here that you have to use the “cheese-trap” strategy.
  • Cheesing” an enemy for those of you unfamiliar with the term, refers to exploiting a strategy that isn’t exactly a loophole but is a different and easier path you can take to kill an enemy or make them groggy in-game, thereby eliminating most of the risk your character would’ve taken.
  • To deploy this strategy in-game and defeat the Well Guardian, you’ll have to make use of the Cliffs.
  • The Well Guardian takes time to process the route to reach and attack your teammates, so use this to best effect.
  • In order to get this done in the best way, get your tank to hold out the Well Guardian with their shield.
  • They need to be placed directly underneath the cliffs where the Well Guardian will approach.
  • Now get your tank to use shields and try to deflect as many attacks as possible while taking a little damage.
  • This triggers the Well Guardian to use a ground shock stomp attack which is what we need in order to cheese the boss.
  • With the help of this attack, the Well Guardian will compromise your tank’s position by placing them in a spot in between the cliff they were closest to until the player is unable to move.
  • Now’s where you need to come in quick and attack the Well Guardian preferably from range.
  • Spam your attacks– preferably range attacks by maintaining distance and spreading your team out over the course of the fight until you completely break him down.
  • A good point to keep in mind here is to watch his stamina bar and wait until it’s almost depleted to use your melees on the Well Guardian.
  • We reiterate again, spam your attacks – this boss is really tricky to defeat and we reckon it’s almost intentional. So keep spamming until you’re certain he’s down and you see loot indications.
  • Furthermore, ensure you’ve set up a campfire, just in case things don’t go according to plan.
  • Remember that this is an elite 60 LVL Boss and he will take a long time to break down. So be patient and keep spamming, until you eventually break him down.
  • Subsequently, the loot dropped is pretty rewarding and worth the effort.
  • Remember, however, that once you clear this quest, you’ll be unable to assist other players in-game or return to this segment.

A Selfless Nature – Main Storyline Quest Rewards


Here’s a list of the most sought-after drops and loot you get after defeating the Well Guardian in the New World quest – “A Selfless Nature”.

Loot Name  Gear Score  Gear Tier Rarity Of Gear Loot Restriction Player Level 
Motherwell Wisher’s Wand 500-600 V Legendary 55+
Motherwell Wisher’s Coin 500-600 V Epic 55+
Artisan Jewelcrafter’s Hood 500 V Epic 59+
Harvester Hat 500-600 V Epic 59+

That’s pretty much all there is to beat the Well Guardian in New World. Moreover, a lot of players worldwide are disturbed and frustrated with the requirements for this quest. We recommend you quickly get a team and make use of this strategy before the developers patch this up. The boss is already a very tricky and tough nut to crack, so get to it ASAP. We hope this method gets you past the Selfless Nature quest in New World. Furthermore, there have been reports of players facing an error while embarking on this quest. In order to help you out, here’s the unrecoverable error fix in New World.