How To Beat The Stranger In God Of War

Here's your guide on how to beat The Stranger in GOW.

Since the release of God of War Ragnarok last year, many players are going back to God of War (2018) to familiarize themselves with the world and its characters. But both new and old players run into a wall called The Stranger. He is the first real challenge of the game, and we are here to help. Here’s your guide on how to beat The Stranger in God of War.

How to beat The Stranger in God of War

god of war beat the stranger

The Stranger fight has four different phases but his attack pattern between these remains the same.

  • Dash punch: This is an attack where The Stranger will dash toward you and punch to deal damage. This is indicated by him glowing blue.
  • Ground pound: This attack is indicated by The Stranger glowing red i.e., this is an unblockable attack. The Stranger slams the ground affecting the area in front of him.
  • Air slam: This attack is exclusive to the fourth and final phase of the battle. The Stranger will glow red before leaping in the air and try to slam down on the player’s position.

These are all the main attacks The Stranger can do. Now let’s look at how to counter them.

How to Defeat the Stranger

First phase

Use this phase to learn The Stranger’s patterns and perfect your counters to both his main attacks. Block his dash punch with your shield, this will stun him if timed right. As the ground pound is an unblockable attack, always strafe or roll to the side to avoid getting hit. Try juggling The Stanger to lock him out of performing his attack. This can be done by hitting him with a heavy attack and juggling him with continuous attacks.

Second and Third Phase

The Stranger is very passive in these phases and your goal should be to rush and spam the attack to quickly deplete his health.

Fourth Phase

The final phase of this attack is the trickiest as the fight speeds up and The Stranger adds a new attack to his pattern. The air slam can be countered by paying attention to the cloud of snow that gathers on the ground when The Stranger is in the air. This indicates his landing spot, just dodge out of the way to stay safe.

That’s all there is to beat The Stranger in God of War. If you’d also like to know how to get Zeus armor in GOW, here’s our guide that will help you out.