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Forspoken Final Boss: How To Beat Susurrus (Dragon Fight)

Here is how you can beat the Final Boss Susurrus in Forspoken.

Forspoken has an interesting final boss that many players are having trouble defeating. This boss has 3 forms that you need to beat in order to complete this game. And the attack pattern in all of them is different from each other. Thus you can see why anyone might have a hard time with him. So here are the complete counters for how you can beat the final boss Susurrus in Forspoken.


How to Beat the Final Boss Susurrus in Forspoken

To defeat the Final Boss of Forspoken you need to beat all 3 forms or phases of him. The attack patterns in all 3 are different in various ways and so are the weaknesses. Also before going any further, there are some Spoilers ahead, so I suggest you try this Boss fight first in case you wish to avoid them. Now, here is how you can take on each phase of this boss:

How to Beat Susurrus Murmuration

how to beat susurrus murmuration in forspoken
Image Credit: Shirrako on YouTube

This phase is the easiest being Susurrus’ first form. To Beat Susurrus Murmuration you need to attack him with the Fire Breaths of your Dragon partner. Susurrus appears as an eye with 4 more eyes revolving around him. During this fight, he won’t appear clearly as he is shrouded in the clouds. But you will be indicated by his attacks.

  • Once you see any red “X” marks on your screen, launch your column of fire at them. This will chip his health away.
  • Occasionally, you will clearly see the form of Susurrus in the clouds. Immediately focus all your fire on him to deal massive damage.
  • Any “X” target that you miss will have birds flying out of them. These will be targeted at you. You should destroy them while they are in the air or they will come hurling at you and chip your health away.
  • After you deplete the health of Susurrus Murmuration completely a cutscene will play followed by a quick time event where you need to press and hold L2 + R2 at the same time. PC players should press LT + RT on their Xbox controllers.

Spoiler: A cutscene will now play where you lose your Dragon. But this awakens your Tanta powers and you learn a new move Skip. This will start the next phase of the fight.


How to Defeat Susurrus First Phase

forspoken how to defeat susurrus first phase
Image Credit: Shirrako on YouTube

Before this fight starts you learn the move Skip. You can use it by pressing L3 + R3 on PlayStation controllers and LS + RS on Xbox controllers. Skip is important because not only do you move from one place to another, but you also become invulnerable while using it.

When this fight starts you will be on the ground and you will still fight Susurrus in his Murmuration form. Launch your attacks on him, when he shows up. Try using attacks like Pulse Dart or Scattershot to deal a lot of damage.

  • Susurrus will disappear from time to time while summoning other enemies to attack you. Eliminate them while you wait for Susurrus to show up.
  • During the fight, he will often launch energy beams in several directions or sprout attacks from the ground. Dodge them using Skip.
  • After you bring his health down to 50% he will spawn in three Murmuration forms attack and eliminate all 3 of them.
  • During the fight beware of the column at the center, Susurrus can charge it up and use it to send a massive shockwave. You can dodge this attack using Skip.

Once you deplete the health completely Susurrus will show you his final form in a cutscene. After the cutscene you will be teleported to another place this is where the Final final fight happens.

Susurrus Second Phase (Final Fight)

susurrus final phase boss guide
Image Credit: Shirrako on YouTube

In his last phase, Susurrus will be more humanoid and have wings while having birds flying around it. This final phase has 4 sub-phases where you will see Susurrus change his attack stance.

  1. When the fight starts use Sila’s Magic. This is red magic and consists of fire attacks.
  2. For his second change of attacks, you should start using Prav’s Blue Magic.
  3. After doing enough damage Susurrus will change his attack type again. This time you should use Ola’s Green Magic. Use this magic until he grabs and slams you on the ground in a cutscene.
  4. After the cutscene, use Frey’s purple magic to attack Susurrus for the rest of the fight.

He will try attacking you with beam blasts or teleporting behind you, use Skip to counter them. Keep attacking him with the above-suggested magics and you will defeat Susurrus in no time.

That covers this guide on how to beat the final boss Susurrus in Forspoken. For more help on this game, I suggest you check out our Forspoken guides.