CoD MW2: How To Beat Riot Shield (Best Counters)

Here is how you can beat Riot Shields in CoD MW2.

Many CoD MW2 players find it hard to beat a Riot shield. And that is completely understandable. It is a broken piece of equipment that can easily eat up all your ammo. And to make things worse if the user is good they can kill you with just two melee hits of it. So in this guide check out how to counter the Riot Shield in CoD MW2.

How to Beat Riot Shield in CoD MW2

cod mw2 beat riot shield
Image Credit: FavstaR on YouTube

The best way to beat a Riot Shield in this game is to use a Molotov against it. Other than a Molotov you can also use lethal explosives that stick to surfaces. No gun or sentry can penetrate its defense. So your best bet is to have at least one such lethal equipment. Or if you prefer using Tactical equipment then you should use a Shock Stick. Here is how all of these methods work:

  • Using Molotovs: Molotovs are particularly useful because they explode on the ground and spread fire in the area. If you throw it correctly the Shield user will take damage from the fire and die. This is good because you can take out multiple enemies with it. Or you can directly throw it at the shield.
  • Using Sticky Explosives: When it comes to Sticky Explosives the method is simple. Throw it directly at the shield and make sure it sticks. Wait for it to explode and you will eliminate your opponent. These are the lethal equipment you can use for it:
    • Thermite
    • Drill Charge
    • Semtex
    • Molotov
  • Using Shock Stick: This is a tricky pick because you can use the Shock stick to electrocute them. Once your opponent is shocked run behind them or to the side and shoot their exposed area.
  • Throwing Explosives behind: If you plan on using explosives like grenades or C4s. Then make sure you throw them behind the Shield user to attack them from behind.

Hence with the above counters, you should have no problem fighting a Riot Shield user.

That covers this guide on how to counter and beat a Riot Shield in Call of Duty MW2. Since you like playing this game I highly suggest you check our MW2 Wiki to find more help on the multiplayer and competitive sections of this game.