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Elden Ring: How To Beat Revenants

Here is how you can defeat Revenants in Elden Ring.

Some of the most brokenly annoying enemies that you can come across in Elden Ring that are also hard to beat are Revenants. They qualify as being humanoid but are the furthest thing from being a human. A Revenant typically has several arms and two legs and will attack you like a spider. But I will not bore you with their looks. Let us quickly check how to beat a Revenant in Elden Ring.

How to Beat Revenants in Elden Ring

elden ring how to beat revenants

You can beat Revenants easily by using healing incantations. They are weirdly weak to them. You can learn this if you buy the Perceptor’s Secret from Isolated Merchant. In it, it says Healing powers harm them instead of mending them. Sadly this works only on sorceries or incantations that cover an area or work in AoE. So using Flask of Crimson Tears won’t help you. You can also fight them normally and chip their health away. They mainly use the following moves:

  • Lunge attack: It will lunge and swipe at you. This move can take away a ton of your HP. In order to dodge it watch out for its hand. It will raise its arm and take a stance before lunging. Once you see him lunge roll in front of him towards the side to dodge it.
  • Poison shoot: It will shoot a large column of poison at you. This attack will not only damage you when hit by it but also build up poison damage. You cannot exactly dodge it but the best thing you can do is get as far away from it as possible.
  • Multiple strikes: You will see it use a golden slash. After it, the Revenant will wildly strike at you multiple times. Again you cannot exactly dodge it, but you can get away from it by going behind or guarding it.

Some of the incantations you can use against a Revenant are:

  • Blessing of the Erdtree
  • Blessing’s Boon
  • Great Heal
  • Heal
  • Lord’s Heal
  • Order Healing
  • Urgent Heal

That covers this guide on how to beat Revenant in Elden Ring. While this was just its enemy form, you should also learn how to defeat the boss Royal Revenant. And for more help on this game check out our Elden Ring guides.