Hogwarts Legacy: How To Beat Ranrok (Dragon Boss Fight Guide)

Here's how to beat Ranrok Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy and win the Boss Fight.

Are you looking to beat Ranrok Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy? Then you are at the right place, as this guide will show you how to beat the boss. The boss is a later-game enemy, and you must master many spells and build your talent tree. Since this fight is not easy, many players have failed to beat the boss a few times. That is mainly because they focus on attacking him all the time. Hence, the defense is weakened, which leads to defeat. So if you have been stuck by making the same error, we recommend you read below and understand the mechanics of fighting this boss. So, here’s how to win the Ranrok Dragon boss fight.

How to Beat Ranrok Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy (Boss Fight Guide)

Hogwarts Legacy Ranrok Dragon Boss Fight Guide

The fight with Ranrok will occur over three phases, and a direct attack at every point won’t be helpful. Because to beat Ranrok Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy, you should only attack & deal damage while his health bar is showing. If it is not showing up above his head, don’t waste your energy attacking and focus on defense.

Make sure you have maxed out the amount of Wiggenweld potions you can carry – that’s 25 bottles of the health potion because you will need it (it’s going to be a long fight).

Most of Ranrok Dragon’s attacks need to be dodged, so you must time your movements perfectly. Do note that in phase two of the fight, there is an AoE attack that you cannot usually dodge as it covers all areas. It would be best if you headed to your Talent Mastery and, under the core section, unlock and equip Swift. Once you press and hold dodge, you will move very quickly, and when you use it in the direction of the AoE, you can easily escape without damage.

Observe his attack pattern and make decisions accordingly. There will be a move where he spits fire at you, but if you time your response correctly, you can use RB (Xbox)/R1 (PlayStation) to throw the ‘lava’ back at the dragon. This will not only lower his health but also disorient him for a few seconds.

how to defeat ranrok dragon tips strategy

While the health bar is showing, ensure you attack as much as possible. Along with that, make sure you have good potions to heal yourself.

During the last phase of the fight where the dragon is mostly on the ground, use Chinese Chomping Cabbages – they deal quite a bit of damage.

If you are struggling to drain his health, use the Maxima potion which will increase the damage dealt by your spells. While it lasts for only 30 seconds, you can make the most of it by using your basic casts and powerful spells. If you combine it with the Focus potion (which reduces the cooldown period of your spells), your build will be even stronger.

To take things up a notch, use a Talent point to unlock Maxima Potion Potency which ’causes attacks to have additional increased damage and break enemy shields.’ The required level for this is 16.

Best Spells to Defeat Ranrok Dragon

Once purple, yellow, or red orbs show up around him, you can use spells of the same color to blow them up. Upon doing this, you will be able to attack and deplete the health of the Ranrok Dragon. Spells like Bombardia, Diffindo and Confringo can come in handy to deal significant damage.

That’s all there is on how to beat Ranrok Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy Boss Fight. While you are here, make sure you check out other Hogwarts Legacy guides right here at Gamer Tweak.