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How to Defeat Petey Piranha in Super Mario Sunshine in 3D All-Stars

Here's a complete guide on how to kill Petey Piranha in Super Mario Sunshine.

Ever since the Super Mario 3D All-Stars released on Switch, there are thousands of players who are playing it for the first time ever. If you are one them then you must be finding it difficult to defeat Petey Piranha, don’t worry. In this guide, we will explain how to beat Petey Piranha in Super Mario Sunshine in the simplest way possible.


How to Beat Petey Piranha in Super Mario Sunshine in 3D All-Stars

When you chase Shadow Mario for the first, he will jump into Bianco Hills, which is the first step you will go through in the game. At the end of the second episode, there is a boss fight, which causes trouble for thousands of new players.

Make sure to keep your eye open because when you begin fighting with Petey, there will a lot smaller enemies crawling around that have the potential to inflict heavy damage to you. What all you need to do is to simply avoid them or splash them with water.

Now, wait for the moment until Petey Piranha opens his mouse. As soon as he does, spray water into his mouth and fill his mouth completely. The best way to fill his moth is to stand there and shoot water by holding down the R button. Make sure you are wasting your water.

Once his mouth is completed filled, you will see his belly button and he will lie belly up on the floor. This is the time to get on top of him and then do a ground pound on his belly by jumping and then pressing ZL. There, you will also see a mega arrow, which is quite useful for you. The arrow can be seen in the below picture.

Super Mario Sunshine Arrow


When you attack Petey Piranha for the first time, he will go back to his regular state but he will get stronger and ferocious. In order to kill Petey Piranha in Super Mario Sunshine, you will have to repeat the above-mentioned method thrice.

That’s all you need to know about how to defeat Petey Piranha in Super Mario Sunshine. While you are here, be sure to check out our other Super Mario Sunshine guides and tips and trick articles.