Tears Of The Kingdom Moragia Boss: How To Beat It

Is the Three Headed Boss bothering you in Tears of the Kingdom? Then, check out the tips & strategies to beat Moragia in the game.

In Tears of the Kingdom, Moragia is one of the boss enemies you must beat at any cost. There is no way to avoid this fight, as it’s mandatory to defeat this three-headed monster to progress further in the story. If you’ve reached this far, then we assume you’ve already unlocked Yunobo of Goron City as a playable character. So don’t worry, you won’t be fighting alone, and he will be by your side. With that said, let’s dive into the TotK Moragia fight strategy and see where Zelda disappeared after you saw her glimpse at the crater.

Tips & Tricks to Beat Moragia Boss in Tears of the Kingdom

blast three headed monsters head in zelda totk
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In Tears of the Kingdom, to beat Moragia Boss, you’ll have to ride the Zonai glider (Wings) and use Yunobo’s Charge ability. Yes, you heard it right, here, all you have to do is control the glider with its steering and use Yunobo to destroy the heads. And once you’ve destroyed the heads, the boss will fall and open the entrance of the Death Mountain’s Crater. But during the fight, there are various things you have to take care of. So scroll down for some tips and other strategic tricks.

zonai wings location glider for Moragia Boss fight in tears of the kingdom
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Don’t Charge & Attack from Down

When the Moragia boss rises from the Death Mountain’s Crater, look for the attached Zonai Wings with Fans & Steering. You can find the glider at these coordinates 2388, 2553, 0838. Don’t forget, after hopping on it, pull back to go up and push forward to go down. But here, you must avoid going down as it can be tricky to control the Zonai wings. If you are having trouble driving, check out our guide on controlling the Steering stick.

Avoid Getting Hit

To beat Moragia Boss in Tears of the Kingdom, you must not let your guard down. The monster will fire lava balls at you from all sides. In this case, don’t get your eyes off the monster and move up or aside as soon as you see the lava balls coming. Players are recommended to Save the game before diving into the battle. And it is also advised to wear Fire Resistant Armor just to be safe.

Moragia Boss beat in zelda totk
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Aim & Charge

While you’re up in the sky, do note the Zonai Wings are your aiming mechanic to shoot Yunobo. So to shoot the heads of the three-headed monster, control the wings to aim and press A to charge Yunobo. If you miss, don’t worry Yunobo will return in a matter of seconds. But repeatedly missing your shots can surely become deadly, so be aware.

That is all you need to know about how you can beat Moragia Boss in Tears of the Kingdom. While you’re here, check out the 8 best Elixirs that’ll help you in such boss fights. Also, look at how to raise your defense in Zelda TotK.

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