How To Beat Molduking In Zelda BOTW

Tired of being eaten by the Molduking in Zelda Breath of the Wild? Check out this guide to find out how you can beat him.

One of the 3 challenges of the Champion Urbosa’s song in Zelda BOTW is having to beat the Molduking. Defeating him is essential for unlocking the Keive Tala Shrine. And to make things tough, he is a stronger and a better version of the Molduga. But with the help of these few tricks, you will defeat him in no time.

How to Beat Molduking in Zelda BOTW

how to beat molduking in zelda botw
Image Credit: Nassi on YouTube

The best way to defeat Molduking is by using remote bombs to bring him out of the ground. Then you can attack him with whatever strongest weapons you have. Ideally, try using thunder weapons like the Great Thunderblade or the Thunderspear, since he is weak to electric attacks. And of course, Shock arrows are also good to use when the Molduking is mid-air.

  1. Start the fight by taking the high ground. There are several columns in the desert that you can climb on.
  2. Next, equip the remote bomb rune and throw the bomb away from you.
  3. Molduking tracks you by your movement. So you can trick him into eating the remote bomb.
  4. Once it leaps out of the ground and eats the bomb detonate it inside its mouth.
  5. This will temporarily immobilize the Molduking and he will lay in the desert before going back inside the ground.
  6. Now, rush toward him and spam all your attacks. You should also use Urbosa’s Fury to deal him further damage.
  7. When you see Molduking gaining consciousness rush back toward your high ground.
  8. Now just repeat the above steps until you defeat Molduking.

A tip to speed things up is to eat food that boosts your attack. This will let you deal more damage to him and finish the fight faster. Also, take your time for this fight because depending on your armor the Molduking can kill you with just one attack.

With the Molduking out of the way, you can now enter the Keive Tala shrine and proceed to complete one of the shrines for the Champion Urbosa’s song. Since you are completing the trails, you should check out the best horses in the game till you get the Master Cycle.