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Royale High: How To Beat The Maze (2022)

Here is how you can beat the maze in Roblox Royale High.

Many players are unable to beat the maze in Royale High. This is an area in the Wickery Cliffs that the developers have added to celebrate Halloween. Not only is navigating the maze hard but there are also ghosts here that hunt you if you stay in one place for too long. So in this guide let us quickly check how to beat the maze in Roblox Royale High.


How to Beat the Maze in Royale High (2022)

royale high how to beat the maze

  1. Start by visiting Wickery Cliffs.
  2. Next, head to the trick-or-treating area and turn right to reach the Mt. Blackwood Cavern.
  3. Head inside and go to the middle path. You can see a pumpkin on its right.
  4. Next, go top left when you come across black-green rocks.
  5. Now, walk towards the lights and then jump down.
  6. Again start following the lights straight.
  7. Now, keep jumping up and then take a right.
  8. Again take a right towards down. You should see a floating candle here.
  9. Near the end of the cliff, you can see a chest on the opposite side.
  10. Ignore the chest and turn left and jump straight.
  11. Now go straight towards the black-green rocks and pass the black portal.
  12. Jump up the ledge and go right.
  13. Take another right that leads down.
  14. Now, take a left towards the lights.
  15. Keep walking until you reach the floating candle.
  16. A few steps later turn left and start jumping on the wall. The goal is to reach up.
  17. After you reach up go right.
  18. Next, jump down and you should see a purple crystal in front of you.
  19. Go left from here.
  20. Pass through the black wall and you will reach the end of the maze.

Thanks to callmehhaley on YouTube for sharing this tutorial. I suggest you refer to their video if you are stuck somewhere and need a little extra help with it.


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