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How To Beat Lilith’s Lament In Diablo 4

Here is how you can easily beat Lilith's Lament in Diablo IV.

Many players are unable to beat Lilith’s Lament in Diablo 4. He is the final boss of Act I so you can see why it is giving a hard time to a lot of players. But knowing his attack pattern can give you an advantage in this fight. So here are all the moves Lilith’s Lament uses in Diablo IV and how to counter them.

How to Beat Lilith’s Lament in Diablo 4

diablo 4 beat lilith's lament
Image Credit: Juse on YouTube

Defeating Lilith’s Lament will require a lot of moving around and patience. No matter if you play melee or ranged, this boss has plenty of attacks that can deal a lot of damage, when you get hit by them. This fight will have 3 phases and chipping away at his health is the best way to deal with him. Below are all the moves it uses in the fight and how to counter them:

Phase 1

lilith's lament phase 1
Image Credit: Juse on YouTube

The first phase is the easiest as he uses very few moves.

  • Brown sludge bomb: He will shoot brown sludge bombs at you. These are a bit slow and easy to dodge. But the catch is once they hit the ground they will stay there for a few seconds. And even that isn’t the worst, if you accidentally step in one you end up losing your HP the longer you are in. And it also slows you down.
  • Purple projectile: Lilith’s Lament will shoot purple projectiles toward your general direction. You can simply dodge them by moving around, you could also evade them if you feel you are about to get hit. But make sure you don’t end up evading into any other of his traps. Don’t worry much about it because in the first phase, he launches only one purple projectile at a time.

After you chip away enough health, the Knight Penitent will drop down. This is your cue for the start of the next phase. Don’t think much and instantly rush to the knight.

Phase 2 of Lilith’s Lament

diablo 4 beat lilith's lament phase 2
Image Credit: Juse on YouTube
  • Blood blast: Lilith’s Lament will start his second phase by covering the entire area in blood. Except for the area shielded by the Knight Penitent. So as soon as the Knight drops, get inside his barrier and you can avoid getting hit by this attack. And most importantly, don’t bother attacking him during this move, as Lilith’s Lament is immune to all attacks until this move is over.
  • Slash attack: He will charge up a slash attack that can deal a lot of damage. But you can easily dodge this attack because you can see the red arc in which he will swipe at you. Simply, get back and out of the slash range. This is a fairly slow attack so you should be able to move out of its range even without using evade when timed correctly.
  • Rolling sludge cylinders: Lilith’s Lament will often spawn 3 rolling sludge attacks that look like cylinders. These will roll from one end of the screen to the other. This attack can spawn from all four sides of the screen.

Aside from the above moves, he will also attack you with his moves from the first phase.

Phase 3

how to beat lilith's lament phase 3 in diablo 4
Image Credit: Juse on YouTube

Phase 3 of this fight is pretty much exactly the same as the second phase. Except that he will be more aggressive with his attacks. The only thing that changes is the purple projectiles. During this phase, he will attack with 10 of these instead of just 1.

Tips to Fight Lilith’s Lament in Diablo 4

  • Take the fight slowly: Staying alive is very important. While his moves can be readable to some extent they still do a lot of damage if it manages to hit you. So make sure you fight slowly, and attack when there is a low possibility of getting hit back.
  • Let Knight Penitent fight: This tip ties to the above tip. Once the second phase starts the Knight Penitent will join you in your fight. But his purpose isn’t only to provide you with a protective barrier. If you feel you need to recuperate, then let the knight distract him while you can heal or wait for your Mana to regen. His attacks might not deal a lot of damage, but this is one way you can take advantage of him in this fight.
  • Use Teleport: Teleport is a very useful skill for a Sorcerer. Especially when you have to Evade on cooldown. So make sure you add it to your build to improve your mobility further.
  • Focus on Dodging: This tip is similar to the first tip. Since it is very easy to get lost when spamming all your skills at the enemy, you might fail to notice any incoming attacks especially during his third phase. Lilith’s Lament will fill the screen with attacks, so be sure to move around a lot and dodge them.

That covers this guide on how to beat Lilith’s Lament in Diablo 4 and all moves and counters. If you found this guide useful then be sure to check out our Diablo IV section.