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Roblox Apeirophobia: How To Beat Level 8

Here is the solution to how you can beat the level 8 of Apeirophobia.

Many players are stuck at level 8 of Apeirophobia and are looking for a way to beat it. This level can be quite tricky, thanks to the identical pathways making it easy to get lost. But knowing the way can help you complete the level within minutes. So without further ado let us check how to beat the level 8 of Roblox Apeirophobia.

How to Beat the Level 8 of Apeirophobia


roblox aperiophobia beat level 8
Image Credit: Neekoft on YouTube

To beat level 8 of this game first find the large room with lots of chairs, then the green light, and finally the red light. Once you find the red light the escape is super easy. But the first step can be the biggest issue. Follow this path to get to the exit:

  1. Run straight until you have passed three large corridors.
  2. Next, turn right and take the first left here.
  3. Turn right and move ahead then take a left from the first pillar.
  4. Again, keep going straight then take the first right. You should be in the hallway that has options to go on both sides.
  5. Take a second left here and then the second right. You should reach the large room with chairs and lights.
  6. Keep running straight ahead until you see an opening on the right and a locker.
  7. Hide inside this locker until the creature passes you. This can take some time depending on where the creature is. When it is near, you can recognize it by its footsteps.
  8. Once it passes you exit the locker and run straight into the hallway just beside it.
  9. Keep running until you come across a green light.
  10. Take a right from the green light area then an immediate left.
  11. Here, follow the natural path and you should come across a red light.
  12. Turn right to the room where the red light is and you will see a ladder going up.
  13. Use the ladder to escape.


Once you escape you will exit the area and complete level 8 of this game.

That covers everything you should know about how to beat the level 8 of Apeirophobia in Roblox. You should also check out our Roblox guides, if this isn’t the only Roblox game you play. And for more help with other games check out Gamer Tweak.