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How To Beat King Bob-omb In Super Mario 64

Easily defeat the king.

King Bob-omb is the first boss that players will encounter in Super Mario 64 3D All-Stars. The king resides in his castle atop a hill nearby the Peach’s Castle. When Mario first meets the king, he recites all the rules of the competition. Once the speech is over, the battle will begin. Now the rules tell you everything that you don’t have to do while trying to defeat the king, but they don’t give out anything about how to beat him. In fact, beating king Bob-omb due to that very reason becomes very tricky. But, that’s is not a thing to worry. In this guide, we will walk you through how to beat king Bob-omb in Super Mario 64 3D All-Stars.

Super Mario 64: How To Beat King Bob-omb


Once the battle begins, the king would try to pick Mario and throw him off the mountain. If he is successful in doing so, that’s the end of your game. Hence, you need to save yourself from getting into his hands.

Now along with saving yourself, you also need to beat King Bob-omb. To do so, you need to grab Bob-omb and throw him three times. Now the trick here is that punching or attacking him in any sort of way will do no good. You will have to go behind the king to be able to pick him and then throw him. Either jump over or crouch beneath him to get behind him, or work your way around in your preferred way.

Once behind the King Bob-omb, punch him to pick him up and then throw him. You need to ensure that you do not throw him off the mountain, because that’s against the rules. One of the rules that King Bob-omb will tell you is that you cannot throw the king off the palace. Hence, you should throw him on the ground.


Repeat the process three times and you will be able to beat King Bob-omb in Super Mario 64 3D All-Stars. One bit of advice is to learn how to long jump in the game or unlock and use caps such as the wing cap. These tricks can help you easily get behind King Bob-omb and beat him in Super Mario 64 3D All-Stars.

That’s how you can easily beat King Bob-omb in Super Mario 64 3D All-Stars. Don’t forget saving the game once you defeat the king.