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How to Beat Insect Swarms in ARK Survivor Evolved Genesis

Insects are some of the worst things in real life and it translates in Survivor Evolved Ark Genesis as you will be constantly be surrounded by these insect swarms. This guide will show you how to beat the insect swarms in Survivor Evolved Ark Genesis.

How to Beat Insect Swarms in Survivor Evolved ARK Genesis


These bugs will constantly be attacking you and will prove to be a nuisance whenever you are in the Bog Biome if that is not enough they will constantly keep on draining your stamina and that makes it increasingly difficult to get rid of this issue.

If you are a new player you will find it difficult to deal with the insect swarm but there are multiple ways in which you can beat the insect swarm and save yourself from them.

Please note that melee attacks do not cause damage to these swarms and you will only keep on depleting your stamina further trying to beat the insect swarms.


Here are the multiple ways to beat the insect swarm in Survivor Evolved ARK Genesis

Water Bodies

You do not have to find a huge lake or even the ocean to get the insect swarm chasing you, if you are playing the game in the first-person mode then all you have to do is find a puddle of water deep enough so that you ankles can be submerged, this will make sure that the insects leave you after a bit.


If you are in the third-person perspective, then you will have to find a water reservoir deep enough for you to be able to swim to make these insects swarm go away.


Lighting up a torch easily gets rid of the swarm. You will need to attack the swarm with the torch and this will make them leave you alone and you will find more time to escape before they come back.



This one is a bit risky, but make sure that you have a few bombs especially the Incendiary bomb to get rid of insect swarms, you have to make sure that the insects are in a swarm for you to be able to hit them with a bomb. It is quite a spectacle.

Tamed Animals

If you have a tamed animal then you are in luck and the tamed animal itself will start attacking the insect swarm. Survivor Evolved Ark Genesis new update made it increasingly efficient to beat insect swarm with tamed animals.

Bug Repellant

You can always trust a can of bug repellant to do the job of getting rid of these pesky bugs. The buff will give you temporary invisibility against the bugs and you can ride your tamed animal for it to get the buff too.


If there is a huge cluster of these insects near you and you want to get rid of them for once and for all, use the flamethrower. The torch can only do somewhat damage to the swarm but the flamethrower will be the only option you will need if you have one.

This is all there is to know about how to get rid of insect swarm in Survivor Evolved Ark Genesis.