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How To Defeat Captain Ferris In The Callisto Protocol (Final Boss Fight)

Here's how you beat Captain Ferris in the Final fight of the Callisto Protocol.

In Callisto Protocol, you won’t find many boss fights, but the ones in the game are hard. Especially the final boss fight with Biophage-infected Captain Ferris is the most brutal fight you will experience in the game. You will need a good plan, and here are some tips to defeat Captain Ferris in the Callisto Protocol.

How to defeat Captain Ferris in The Callisto Protocol in Final Boss Fight?

Captain Ferris’s final fight in the Callisto Protocol happens in two phases:

  • Transformed Captain Ferris
  • Alpha

Transformed Captain Ferris

Defeat Captain Ferris in Final Boss fight of Callisto Protocol

Defeating him isn’t hard if you are good at dodging. Engage in close combat with him and use Baton. You won’t need a gun for this fight, so we recommend saving ammo for phase 2. He will blow some strong combos of punches at you that can be dodged. Once he is done with his punch combo, hit him with your Baton combo and repeat this step until a cutscene plays, where he transforms into Alpha. After this cutscene, Phase 1 of the fight will end, and now you will fight deadly Alpha.


Defeat Captain Ferris and Alpha in The Callisto Protocol

Alpha uses two moves. For the closed range, he uses Side Swipe. This move is deadly, and being careless about it can kill you with just one hit. To avoid hitting, you need to use the best of your dodging skills and stay alert to the enemy’s movement. Another type of attack Alpha does is a long-range attack by shooting projectiles at you, which are relatively easy to dodge. Alpha uses a biological shield to protect his weak spot (Face). Take down the Shield with your Riot gun and maintain distance while dealing damage. After you damage his head, he will roar, and a wave of enemies will come in. Take cover and kill them all with any gun you desire but make sure to save up your Shotgun ammo. Continue attacking Alpha with the Riot gun and take him out while dodging his attacks.

Once you kill him, you will learn about Jacob’s Fate and the ending of the Callisto Protocol in a cutscene, and the game will end.

That’s everything covered to defeat Captain Ferris in the Callisto Protocol. Also, check out our guide for the Best Weapon in the Callisto Protocol.