Diablo 4: How To Beat The Curator (Capstone Dungeon Boss)

The Curator is a terrifying enemy that appears in the Capstone Dungeon and is the only thing that stands between you and World Tier 3. Defeating him can seem impossible, primarily due to the vast number of attacks that are dealt to you directly from him and his minions. Here are a few things you can keep in mind to beat The Curator in Diablo 4, no matter which class you are playing as. Further ahead, we’ve also mentioned what to do if The Curator goes missing or disappears during the last bit of the fight due to an unfortunate bug.

How to Beat The Curator Capstone Dungeon Boss (D4 Strategy & Tips)

Check if you are Too Underleveled

Although it is recommended that you take on The Curator when you are at least at level 50, if you are in a party and both are around Level 48, it’s possible to beat him in Diablo 4.

If you are playing solo, we recommend you reach Level 50 beforehand. You can also try partying up with fellow players that you may find near the Capstone dungeon.

Drink the Elixir of Undead Slaying

elixir of undead slaying

You will need the Elixir of Undead Slaying (Level 36) which increases damage against Skeletons by 20% and Experience gained by 5%. You will need multiple crafting materials for this:

  • 1000 Gold
  • 15 Gallowvine
  • 1 Angelbreath
  • 10 Blightshade
  • 5 Lifesbane
  • 3 Grave Dust

So ensure that you are not missing out on crucial loot while exploring the open world. Once you have all the items, head to the Alchemist in a town and get the elixir crafted (take multiple if you have the resources). You might even see some extra elixirs in case any enemies or chests have dropped them.

The main issue you will face while fighting him is that there are too many other things to distract you. This elixir will help you fight skeletons and kill them more easily, but be careful, its effects last for only 30 minutes after you drink the magic elixir.

Deal Massive Initial Damage

Draining The Curator’s health can seem like a daunting task but there’s one thing you can do as soon as the boss fight begins. Dash towards him and launch a barrage of attacks, including your ultimate. This will lower his health before he gets started with his terrifying attacks that you will have to dodge very, very often. Do remember that as the fight progresses, the boss will also teleport in different locations, so if you don’t time your ultimate or traps right, they can get wasted.

Divide the Tasks

If you are in a party, it’s best to divide the tasks among the team. 50% of the team can focus on the skeletons that are spawned by the boss and 50% can focus on the boss.

This is crucial because the Ballistas (Skeleton archers) can drain your health while you are focused on the boss. So communicate with your teammates if you are playing couch co-op or online and inform them about your plan of attack.

Add Speed/Quick Movement Elements to your Build

Make sure to add the aspect of speed to your build (as much as possible for your particular class). Towards the end of the battle, the attacks really do spread all over the arena and it’s tough to dodge all of them. Keep moving at all times because, in the second phase of the battle, there will be homing attacks that you must stay away from.

Manage Health Potions Carefully

manage healing wisely to beat curator diablo 4

Before heading into the battle, check if you can upgrade your healing in any way. If yes, go ahead and do it because you will need it. While mid-battle, put a huge focus on the health that is being drained but use the potions wisely. This boss doesn’t drop health potions as often.

Attack from the Back when you have the Chance

how to beat the curator diablo 4

The Curator has a deadly Scythe Swipe that can land great damage if you are caught right in front of it. When the attack happens for the first time, mentally note its area of attack and dodge at the right time. If you are playing as a Rogue, land ranged attacks and keep Dashing to get away from the Spectral Ground Slam attacks which can kill you immediately if you are low on health. But once you have understood where these attacks happen, make sure to dodge and go to the opposite side, away from its impact.

Stay Away from Bone Walls and Spinning Winds

beat curator diablo 4

These are some additional attacks that you have to avoid because they can slow you down in a fight where perfect dodging is of utmost importance. If you are unlucky, the wall will trap you with the boss as he initiates his Scythe attack. So best to stick to ranged attacks and stay outside the wall whenever possible (or find a way out quickly).

Build to Beat The Curator in Diablo 4

  • Since this isn’t just a 1v1 with a boss (there are minions as well), you will have to keep both types of attacks in your build.
  • The Elixir of Undead Slaying will help. Note that only one elixir will work at a time.
  • Keep Ultimates in your skill slots and make changes to make them more powerful. Plus, check if the cooldowns can be lowered in any way.
  • Socket all the weapons, armor, and jewelry you have to enhance their powers.
  • Upgrade all weapons at the Blacksmith.
  • Make sure to Repair all weapons every time you die so that you gain the durability back.
  • If you are playing as Rogue, use Poison Trap and unleash your Ultimate after that to land quite a bit of damage.
  • Add skills that give you more movement speed.

The Curator Disappeared (Boss Fight Bugged)

Many players (including me) have faced the unfortunate bug where The Curator disappeared just as his health was very low and about to be defeated. You can still hear his sounds, but everyone else is missing. At this point, The Curator boss fight is bugged and the only solution is to force close the game and load it back. Going back to Town via the Portal isn’t going to help because according to the game, the boss fight is still going on. So close the game and hopefully, the game doesn’t make you restart the whole Capstone dungeon. For me, I could use the teleporter to get straight to The Curator but I had to re-do the whole fight all over again.

And those were the main tips and strategies to beat The Curator in Diablo 4 (Capstone Dungeon boss). Hopefully, you unlock World Tier III quickly and begin yet another challenging (but incredibly fun) journey.

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