How To Defeat Colgera Boss In Zelda TOTK (Wind Temple Boss)

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has brought back the traditional dungeons that players were waiting for. One of the first dungeons you will come across is the Wind Temple. After solving all the puzzles inside the temple, you will come up against the dungeon boss – Colgera. The Wind Temple boss in TOTK is actually quite easy to defeat. But the cold gusty winds inside the temple will make your task a whole lot harder. Moreover, the entirety of the fight will take place aerially. So, if you find yourself struggling in this boss fight, then check out our guide on how to beat Colgera in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Beat Colgera Boss in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (Wind Temple Boss)


As the Colgera Boss fight takes place in the Wind Temple, you will have to make sure you have enough Cold Resistance Food to survive the weather. Also, don’t forget to stock up on arrows and bows as they’ll play an important role in helping you beat the Wind Temple boss in TOTK. You will also be accompanied by the Rito – Tulin during this boss fight.

If you look closely, you will notice that the Wind Temple boss has three circular purple shells. You will need to attack these circular purple shells to beat Colgera in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. You can either shoot with your bow and arrow or directly dive into these purple shells with Link to defeat Colgera. However, it is not easy as it sounds. The fight with Colgera will take place in two phases. Once its HP reaches close to 50%, the fight will transition into the second phase and Colgera will spawn with another three purple shells.



The 2nd phase will make the Colgera boss much more aggressive. The TOTK Wind Temple boss will now begin to unleash deadly tornadoes at Link. This will make flying in mid-air much more difficult. However, you can use Tulin’s Gust ability to quickly move away from the tornado with the glider. Just like in the previous phase, keep attacking the purple weak spots on Colgera’s body. However, keep your distance from the tornadoes as they can take a huge chunk of Link’s HP. Rinse and repeat the same steps to defeat the Colgera boss at the Wind Temple easily.

If you want an easier explanation, check out our video guide below on how to defeat Colgera:

That’s all you need to know on how to beat Colgera in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. While you’re here, check out our TOTK section for more boss fight guides and tips on completing quests.

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