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Super Mario 64: How To Beat Big Bob-omb

Are you struggling to beat the Big Bob-omb? Read our guide to know how to easily defeat the King.

King Bob-omb is the first Boss that you will encounter in Super Mario 64. You will find him at the top of the summit. Big Bob-omb’s major job is to guard his master Bowser’s power star. It’s not at all impossible to defeat the opponent. To clear the level, follow up the path until you spot your enemy in the arena. Finally, beat your boss using some tactics to your advantage and grab your Power Star.

How to Beat Big Bob-omb in Super Mario 64

Beat the Big Bob-omb

As his recurring action, the boss will constantly try to grab you and throw you off the cliff. In that case, you must follow the following steps to smoothly win your battle;

  1. Firstly, you must focus on getting behind him.
  2. Then lift him by pressing the button B.
  3. Then make sure to throw him on the arena three times to ultimately defeat the King.
  4. Note that in all instances, you must avoid being caught.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you must not throw the King Bob-omb off the cliff.  If you throw him off, it will result in restarting your battle all over again and you do not want that to happen. So, keep jumping over the Big Bob-omb to escape his clutches. It’s easier to make moves and distract your enemy because pace is your major strength in comparison to the slow Boss.  Using tactics like backflip jump and long jump will save you from being caught. Repeat all the tricks until your achievement is marked with the explosion of the Big Bob-omb and the popping up of the Power Star.

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