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How To Beat Beastman Of Farum Azula In Elden Ring

Read this guide to learn how to beat the Beastman of Farum Azula in Elden Ring.

The Beastman of Farum Azula is one of the many bosses you can fight in Elden Ring. You can find him towards the end of Dragonbarrow and Groveside Cave in Limgrave. Just like most of the Elden Ring bosses, defeating the Beastman requires certain strategies, along with a sound knowledge of the right moves. If you are new to the game, however, this can prove to be a little overwhelming at first. This is why we have come up with just the guide for you. In this Elden Ring guide, we will show you how to battle and defeat this boss.

How to Beat Beastman of Farum Azula in Elden Ring?


To beat the Beastman of Farum Azula in Elden Ring, you need to have a minimum level of 9. Once you reach this level, head over to the end of Dragonbarrow and Groveside Cave in Limgrave.

Once here, you will encounter the boss. The Beastman wields a huge sword that you will need to be wary of. While it will predominantly attack you with a single-handed blow, it will occasionally switch over to a two-handed move that is lethal in nature.

When attacking you, the Beastman of Farum Azula will occasionally expose its defense when howling. These moments will offer you a clear and open window to attack. When howling, the boss is susceptible to any attacks. We recommend you press the R2 button on PlayStation (or the RB button on Xbox) when using a sword to stagger the boss.

While this strategy will absolutely pay off in your quest of taking down this Elden Ring boss, you also need to be careful. During the fight, you will not have the opportunity to constantly attack. Once the Beastman stops howling, it will come back for you. You need to maintain a steady distance from it, so as to not fall prey to its sword attacks.

With your defense sorted, all you need to do is concentrate and look out for moments where you can get the better out of this boss. You need to continue using this strategy to secure a shot at killing this beast.

Beastman of Farum Azula Rewards

  • 1 x Flamedrake Talisman at Groveside Barrow
  • 2 x Flamedrake Talisman at Dragonbarrow Cave
  • 1,000 Runes at Groveside Barrow
  • 65,000 Runes at Dragonbarrow Cave

So there you have it. This is all you need to do to beat the Beastman of Farum Azula in Elden Ring. As you can see, doing so is quite easy. Just remember to follow all of the steps in this guide, and you should be good to go!

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